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-LGBT Pressure Bans Scientific Research on Transgender Contributing Causes?

by Dr. D ~ September 7th, 2018

‘Politically Correct’-Yes   Science?–Not If It’s Inconvenient 

LGBT activists have leveled a great deal of pressure against a research project done at Brown University on contributing factors leading to gender confusion and transgender identity.

The research in question indicated that peer pressure might be a major contributing factor in the onset of gender dysphoria among teens. Since this runs counter to the usual LGBT ‘politically correct’ doctrine, activists ‘forced’ administrators at Brown University to remove the research from their website and effectively tried to ban it. Nevertheless you get to read about here. From Christian Today:

In her survey, 21 per cent of parents said their child had one or more friends who became transgender-identified at around the same time, while a fifth observed an increase in the use of social media by their child at the time they started to identify as transgender.  Forty-five per cent of the parents surveyed reported both.

According to Science Daily, Littman concluded that there was a possible correlation between gender dysphoria and friendship groups with transgender members, as well as the types of advice on transgender issues that the teens were being exposed to online, although she said more research was needed.

‘     The onset of gender dysphoria seemed to occur in the context of belonging to a peer group where one, multiple, or even all of the friends have become gender dysphoric and transgender-identified during the same timeframe,’ said Littman…

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Response: “More research is needed” however it is doubtful that additional work in this area will be funded since it has already been ‘blacklisted’ as detrimental to the cause by LGBT activists. Most academics would not want to risk their careers and their tenure pursuing unpopular research opposed by such powerful political groups.

It would be interesting to see the results if similar research was done on homosexuality. But don’t hold your breath, it will never happen. The scientific research might be as politically ‘inconvenient’ as the Brown U. transgender research.                 *Top

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