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-Ex-Muslim Christian Refugee Arrested for Sharing His Faith- In Minnesota

by Dr. D ~ September 6th, 2018


An ex-Muslim Christian refugee from Iran was arrested for privately sharing his faith in Minnesota. Not only that, but what he went through sounds to me like he was singled out and actually persecution for his faith. Here’s the story from the PJ Media:

Late last month, Ramin Parsa, a Christian pastor who fled Iran as a religious refugee, was arrested for privately sharing his faith testimony in the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn. He fled persecution in Iran and Turkey, only to find persecution in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

     "I came to the U.S. as a political and religious — as a Christian — refugee. They oppressed me for my faith in Iran. I was stabbed in Iran,"

Parsa told PJ Media in an interview on Tuesday. Then last week, he was arrested for a private conversation about his faith, handcuffed to a metal chair for four hours without water, and later charged with trespassing.

     "These things might happen in other countries, oppressive dictatorships, but not in America," the pastor said.

<Read the whole incredible story>

Response: In the last few years, many malls and businesses in the USA have tried to enforce a policy against preaching and evangelism on their property. But the security guards in the Mall of America have taken this to an entirely different level.

The refugee pastor was sharing his faith privately to two Somali women when a passer-by complained to the security guards. The visiting Christian pastor even complied and stopped what he was doing and went to get a coffee only to be detained later when he came out of the coffee shop.

The treatment that the pastor received after that (4 hours in tight handcuffs without water or a bathroom break) can only be described as unnecessary abuse and actual persecution. He was later arrested and hauled away by the police for ‘trespassing’ and had to pay a bail to get out of jail at 2 am after being held for hours. But worse yet, he will have to come back to Minnesota from his home in California for a trial before this miscarriage of justice is completely resolved.

So much for ‘Freedom of religion’ in Minnesota and it’s famous Mall of America. My sense is that he would have probably received a ‘pass’ if he had been a Muslim praying or promoting Islam. For Christians in America, we may be entering a new era when we may have to choose between following God or adhering to arbitrary rules and laws against practicing our faith.               *Top

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