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-Baseball Player Under Fire for His Christian Views on Homosexuality

by Dr. D ~ August 29th, 2018

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Radical LGBT activists are calling for a MLB baseball player to be fired for his Biblical Christian views on homosexuality.

Daniel Murphy, who has a career .300 batting average after 10 years in the major leagues, was recently traded to the Chicago Cubs. Then the controversy began when activists dredged up a 3 year old interview and called for a boycott of the team saying that Murphy should not have a job. What did Murphy say that was worthy of a firing? He said that as a  Christian he ‘disagreed’ with the homosexual lifestyle. From PJ Media:

For SJWs, however, the move by the Cubs is deserving of contempt because Daniel Murphy isn’t deserving of employment. His sin? Expressing his orthodox Christian beliefs about homosexuality.

Three years ago, while with the New York Mets, Murphy was asked about his thoughts on gay baseball players. … Murphy explained:

I disagree with his lifestyle. …Maybe, as a Christian, that we haven’t been as articulate enough in describing what our actual stance is on homosexuality. We love the people. We disagree with the lifestyle. … I just think that as a believer trying to articulate it in a way that says just because I disagree with the lifestyle doesn’t mean I’m just never going to speak to Billy Bean every time he walks through the door. That’s not love. That’s not love at all.”

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Response: So are we now at the point in America where being a conservative Bible believing Christian is a possible liability in the market place and in the job market?

For sure, there will be a new reality in major baseball because of this controversy. Christian players will probably be more careful what they say about their beliefs in interviews and employers (teams) may avoid hiring Christian players that may have been outspoken in the past.

We still have freedom of religion in the USA but that may not have anything to do with ones value in the labor market. It will be interesting to follow what happens to Daniel Murphy in the off season since he will be a free agent. Will he receive a new contract reflecting his worth as a rare career .300 hitter or will the controversy follow him and lessen his value and create an atmosphere where few teams (or even zero) will want to take him on next season?

In the beginning, LGBT activists said that they were only fighting discrimination and sought equal rights for their folks. But now they have flipped over and are going for forced acceptance of their lifestyle along with actual discrimination and retribution against anyone who still doesn’t fully agree with them including religious folks. The dirty little secret is that they have always targeted Biblical Christianity since it was the reason that their lifestyle was culturally rejected put into the closet in the first place.

If LGBT activists are successful in reducing Murphy’s value or even effecting his employment then look for future attempts to attack Bible believing Christians in the marketplace. Beginning with those in all kinds of public positions.  You may be next.               *Top

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1 Response to -Baseball Player Under Fire for His Christian Views on Homosexuality

  1. Brian

    The federal government has created (both by statue and by judicial fiat) a series of “protected classes” whose status as the presumptive targets of discrimination gives them the right to seek judicial review of alleged discriminatory decisions. LGBT groups have been seeking, at federal, state, and local levels, to have sexual orientation and transgender identity added as a protected class. They have largely succeeded, but are continuing efforts to enshrine sexual orientation as one of the touchstones of civil rights protection.

    Don’t look for conservative Christians to ever have similar protections.

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