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-Lessons from Canada: Christianity is Not Part of the ‘Diversity’ the Left Seeks?

by Dr. D ~ August 17th, 2018


A new law school in Canada wanted its student body to maintain traditional Christian standards when it comes to marriage and sexual behavior. Several provincial law societies declared that graduates from that school would not be allowed to practice law in their provinces. It finally went to the Canadian Supreme Court which sided with the provincial law societies.

The following is a good article containing some of the lessons coming out of the Canadian Supreme Court decision:

Secularism and Diversity: Lessons from Canada” by Brian C. Stiller

From the article:

Trinity Western University, a Canadian liberal arts university, planned to open a law school as part of its vision to prepare Christians to serve in public and civic life. It wasn’t long before their plan triggered the ire of provincial law societies…their objection to the university’s community covenant: It requires students to agree to abstain from “sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and woman.”  …

First, it shows how a country’s top court can render a verdict in favor of human rights but biased against religious freedom. When the two ideas butted heads, religious freedom was the loser.

Second, it makes short shrift of the model that within a diverse society a plurality of ideas and beliefs can exist together.  …

Third, it keeps faith from being public.  …

Fourth, it assumes that Christian standards and beliefs for an institution are not essential to its identity, self-definition, or existence, but a preference.

Fifth, the decision is based on what the justices determined are “values,” neither defined nor included in the Charter: Here they become what the court deems is implied.

<Read the whole article>

Response: This may come from Canada but I believe that it illustrates where the left would also like to take us in the USA. Fortunately we still have a Constitution and a Supreme Court that mostly supports it.

There are several lessons to be gained from this affair:

One: traditional Christianity has no place in the ‘diversity’ that the left says it is seeking. Most leftists hold that Christianity must be changed and/or forced to reflect modern values or be taken out of the public square and be relegated to private worship and faith only.

Two: Many on the left believe that diversity and civil rights should trump religious freedom. At least when it comes to conservative Christianity and maybe not so much when it comes to Islam.


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