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-The Best and The Worst of Times

by Dr. D ~ June 18th, 2018

Kim and Trump SummitScotus


The last 3 or 4 weeks have been the worst and the best of times including a family emergency and death, along with a blessed vacation with our granddaughter. Meanwhile a lot has happened since I last posted at the end of May.

The Best:

The Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in favor of the Colorado Christian baker who refused to make a cake for a gay marriage. It should be a time of celebration for justice and a confirmation of religious freedom and the 1st Amendment.

President Trump met with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and forged an agreement that included the end to North Korea’s efforts to become a nuclear power. According to reports, Trump also pushed for religious freedom and for the end of Christian persecution in North Korea. Thousands of Christians in South Korea and around the world have been praying for the summit and for the end of Christian persecution in the North.

The meeting was a real miracle when you consider that just last year Kim was talking about bombing Guam and the West.

The Worst:

If President Obama had been able to get a summit with Kim with similar results he would have been up for another Nobel Peace Prize. Meanwhile, the American press tried to ignore it as much as possible and continue to down play the results.

Also, LGBT activists are calling for courts and liberal jurists to ignore the 7-2 SCOTUS ruling claiming that it was a ‘narrow’ decision that only applies specifically to Colorado case. Some are even calling for an outright rejection of the ruling by lower courts.

That approach supports what I call- ‘The political Chaos Strategy.’ It calls for the outright rejection of all leaders and laws which do not support a progressive agenda. If a conservative leader does anything good it is to be downplayed or ignored while any half truth will do in strategic political attacks.

Therefore, no matter what this President says or does he is to get no respect but he is to be continually attacked regardless of the facts. The unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in decades but the main stream media attacks the President on immigration laws that the Congress passed years ago and were first implemented during the last administration. The truth does not really matter anymore.

Meanwhile, radical folks like Bill Maher are actually calling for and hoping a major recession or depression in order to turn conservative working folks against Trump. They are looking for any possible way to overturn the election and get rid of Trump.

Just this last week it was revealed that a number of major FBI folks were actually doing what they could to get Clinton elected ignoring the violations of Hillary while looking for supposed ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. The Special Counsel hasn’t found anything that would support that conjecture but continues the ‘witch hunt’ to find anything at all against anyone connected in anyway to Trump. It doesn’t matter that the original reason for the investigation has not produced any real facts that can be acted upon. Now it is nothing but a ‘gotchu’ effort to get folks through the process by catching them in supposed lies and finding unrelated violations of the law.

Then there are liberal Hollywood folks like actor Robert De Niro who recently subjected us to the worst language possible in order to highlight their rejection of this president, and in reality the results of the election, the people who elected him, and the American political system itself. Meanwhile, Trump is still president, the economy is booming, the world is a safer place, and Hillary continues to blame everyone but herself.               *Top

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