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-California vs. The Bible?

by Dr. D ~ April 28th, 2018

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The title of this article may sound ridiculous but I believe that it is apropos. The California State Assembly recently passed a bill (AB 2943) that could result in the banning of Christian ministries, counseling, books, and conferences, which support Biblical teaching on sexuality. If the measure passes the California Senate, Gov. Brown has already indicated that he would sign it into law.  To say that the whole nation is watching how this plays out is an understatement.

Proponents claim that the law merely addresses sexual ‘reparative’ counseling. In that vein, some are calling it the "You Must Stay Gay Bill" since it would make it illegal for anyone to give or receive professional help for unwanted same-sex attractions or gender confusion.

But the measure goes way beyond just counseling and in its generalities could ban the sale of books and conferences supporting traditional Biblical teaching on homosexuality and sexuality in general. I have even seen some claims that the Bible itself could be banned by this proposal. It is highly unlikely that government officials would take it that far considering the outcry and how it would be an obvious violation the the Constitution. Nevertheless, the bill is general enough to cause all sorts of logical concerns about its possible effects on religious freedom.

If this bill becomes a law, could pastors continue to give counsel to folks based upon Biblical teaching without getting in trouble? Could a minister or priest suggest to a homosexual person that they might need to change their sexual lifestyle without violating this bill? Regardless, conservative Christian ministers will continue teaching, preaching, and counseling from the Bible no matter what. 

Some are saying that Christians are over-the-top and far too hysterical about the possible religious targets of this proposed law. Make no mistake about the intent of this bill, it is a direct attack upon Biblical teaching on sexuality and an attack on the first Amendment. Read the following comment by one of its proponents, Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi:

“The faith community, like anyone else, needs to evolve with the times. The science is clear. The claim that the First Amendment can be used as a defense for promoting fraudulent conduct is a fallacious argument.”

Get it? According to this view, the Christian community needs to ‘evolve’ with the times and reject any Biblical teaching which is contrary to the current cultural norms and trends. Not only that, the First Amendment also needs to be ignored when it comes to homosexuality and LGBT issues?

This bill would set a dangerous precedence that might be duplicated all around the country. Plus, it is so incredibly general that no one can really know the end results if it became a law. It is time for all California Christians to rise up and let your representatives know how you feel about this bill. For the rest of us around the country, it is time to pray.


Here are some good articles for additional information and reading on this controversial bill:

-“Book Ban? California Bill Would Target Christian Pastors, Bookstores” by Todd Starnes

-“Will California Go from Banning Religious Books to Burning Them?” by Michael Brown


–“California’s Shocking ‘You Must Stay Gay’ Bill” by Michael Brown


Bill Text: –Assembly Bill No. 2943


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1 Response to -California vs. The Bible?

  1. Brian

    Dr. D- One interesting point about the proposed California legislation is that it has no “opt out” provision based upon consent. So, a LGBTQ person goes to a church, becomes a believer, and concludes that his/her prior lifestyle was sinful. The new Christian goes to his/he minister and says “help me”. Under this statute, providing help to an adult who requests assistance in dealing with his/her LGBTQ proclivities is prohibited, even if requested!!

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