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-Nigeria: 225 Christians Killed by Radical Muslim Fulani in March

by Dr. D ~ April 11th, 2018


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Over 225 Christians lost their lives and homes to radical Muslim Fulani herdsmen last month alone in Nigeria. This number does not include the 37 Christians killed by the Boko Haram also in March.

The world press pays little or no attention to this slaughter because it is considered to be a tribal and socioeconomic dispute rather than a religious based conflict. Nevertheless, the facts contradict that story line since Christians are singled out for attacks while Muslims in the same villages are left alone. From the Christian Post:

A shocking 225 Christians were massacred in Nigeria in March by the radical Fulani herdsmen, according to a watchdog group. Yet the Nigerian government and Western media are failing to take adequate notice of the severity of the escalating crisis,…

"Though there are socioeconomic and ethnic components to these attacks, the majority of attacks are directed at Christian villages. If the attacks were simply driven by socioeconomic or ethnic factors, churches would not be common targets during these attacks. In most of the villages that have been ransacked over the past decade, churches and pastoral homes have been destroyed," Johnson told CP.

He said that while disputes and fights do occur between Fulani and other Muslim communities, they are on a much smaller scale, with some reports also suggesting that the Fulani warn Muslims in certain communities before carrying out their attacks.

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Response: Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari had promised during his election campaign that he would protect Christians but that has not been the case. The Radical Muslim Fulani in particular seem to have been emboldened since his election. Fact is, the Nigerian government under this president has done nothing to curtail the Fulani attacks against Christians.

International pressure needs to be brought to bear on Buhari and his government to take action against the radical Fulani before more innocent Christian men,women, and children are killed. I am posting on this in order to bring some light upon what is actually happening so that Western Christians will demand action and also remember to pray for their brothers and sisters in Nigeria.               *Top

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