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-Student Claiming Only Two Genders is Kicked Out of Class

by Dr. D ~ March 13th, 2018



**UPDATE: Student reinstated in the class along with an impartial observer.

A senior university student saying that there are only two genders was kicked out of a class he needed for graduation. From the Daily Wire:

Lake Ingle, a religious studies major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, was kicked out of Professor Alison Downie’s Christianity class on February 28 for telling her that "biologists don’t agree that there’s more than two genders" and that the supposedly sexism-caused 23-cent "gender wage gap" is a myth. …

This did not sit well with the feminist professor. She booted Ingle from her class for his WrongThink and "referred him to the public university’s Academic Integrity Board (AIB)," reports Fox.

The class Ingle has been barred from is one he needs to pass by the end of the semester if he wishes to graduate in May.

<Read the whole article>

Response: Colleges and universities which use to champion free speech and a diversity of views are increasingly becoming places where only popular progressive ideas are tolerated. ‘Safe places’ are now maintained on many campuses which restrict any kind of ‘hate speech’ which is usually defined as viewpoints which do not square with the prevailing progressive majority notions. Traditional Christian views are increasingly assigned to this ‘hate’ designation.

The fact that the university administration backed the professor in this case shows how tenuous free speech and the exchange of differing views can be in our current institutions of ‘higher learning.’ Well at least at this school. Especially if in the sharing of different ideas and inconvenient evidence, facts are presented that challenge prevailing popular progressive activist notions and platitudes. It obviously doesn’t matter whether the student was right or wrong, he is condemned and guilty of ‘WrongThink’’ for contradicting the views of the professor.

In this case, the purveyor of the unpopular information and views was silenced and punished. It appears that as a result of his banishment from this class he will not be able to graduate in May. This injustice could be reversed by the Academic Integrity Board in a hearing on May 19. Nevertheless, that late of a date probably means that the student will not graduate at the end of the semester as originally planned.               *Top

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