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-Colleges Continue the Assault on Christian Student Groups

by Dr. D ~ March 12th, 2018



Christian student groups continue to be challenged by new and expanded anti-discrimination and ‘inclusive’ rules on college and university campuses all across the country. In some cases Christian student groups are being kicked off campus because their group rules require leaders that are actually Christian believers who adhere to defined moral standards.

The latest problem for a Christian student group is brought to you by Harvard University. In this case the largest Christian fellowship on campus- HCFA has been put on probation after asking a leader to resign over a same-sex relationship.

If you carefully read the article about this case, according to the group the leader in question was actually dropped over ‘theological’ differences which call for chastity outside of marriage. One wonders if it would have been an issue at all if the leader that was dropped had been a heterosexual? My sense is that it wouldn’t have been.

Harvard University has also demanded that HCFA break the ties to it’s parent organizationChristian Union and define their own autonomous group rules that are more compatible with the university. Note that this Christian group is already rather progressive and accepts leaders from different sexual orientations as long as they are chaste. 

Another recent case involves a more conservative Christian student group- InterVarsity which was recently kicked off campus at Wayne State University in Michigan.  InterVarsity groups have been kicked off of many college campuses over their leadership policies which call for actual mature Christians who live according to Biblical moral standards.  Some colleges and universities are demanding that all student groups be ‘inclusive’ in their membership and leadership. InterVarsity will accept all comers but their leadership rules are a problem for many colleges including Wayne State university.

InterVarsity has been reinstated after they sued the university. Here’s a poignant observation made by the Becket Lawyers in the lawsuit:

"Wayne State — an arm of the Michigan State government — makes the remarkable claim that it violates university policies for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to choose only Christian leaders rather than Jewish, Muslim, or atheist ones," read the lawsuit.

"Wayne State rightly allows fraternities to have only male leaders, female athletic clubs to have only female leaders, and African-American clubs to have only African-American leaders. But Wayne State cannot then say it is wrong for a Christian club to have only Christian leaders."

The Becket lawyers also pointed out that the secular group on campus was allowed to choose secular folks as their leaders and also Muslim groups were allowed to choose only practicing Muslims as their leaders. Case made and InterVarsity re-instated.                *Top

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