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-Ohio: Custody Taken Away From Christian Parents Who Blocked Transgender Treatments

by Dr. D ~ February 19th, 2018


An Ohio judge has taken the legal custody of a 17 year old daughter away from her Christian parents because they blocked her from taking transgender treatments to become a boy. Here’s the story from the Blaze:

An Ohio couple lost legal custody of their daughter Friday after refusing to allow her to undergo hormone replacement therapy in order to transition to a male.

Hamilton County Judge Sylvia Sieve Hendon awarded legal custody to the 17-year-old teen’s maternal grandparents, who support the hormone treatment. The judge also called on legislators to enact laws giving transgender minors more legal rights in these situations.

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Response: Just another indication that transgender rights have now reached a different legal level where the rights of parents who would stand in the way are now legally being trumped by a judge.

In this case the ‘child’ is 17 years old and nearly an adult but cases like this establish a precedence that will probably be referred to in subsequent rulings. The case was originated as a hospital treatment case to over-ride parental rights in order to save the child from depression and potential suicide. In fact the judge in this case actually has asked the state legislature to enact new laws giving transgender children stronger rights over their parents.

Note also that religion played into the ruling since the parents were Christians who ‘forced’ their daughter to attend ‘Christian therapy’ and Bible studies. Look for more Christian parents to lose their children over this issue.

Children in schools all across America are now being taught that they have a right to choose their own gender regardless of the biological identity they were born with regardless of what their parents may think. In fact, in California laws are already in force which allow students to pick their own gender without parental permission. Similar legislation is being drafted by LGBT activists in nearly every state.                 *Top

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1 Response to -Ohio: Custody Taken Away From Christian Parents Who Blocked Transgender Treatments

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