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-Federal Court: Magistrate Wrongly Forced to Resign for Refusing to Marry Gay Couples

by Dr. D ~ February 13th, 2018


In a monumental ‘freedom of religion’ case, a Federal Court ruled in favor of a former North Carolina magistrate who was forced to resign over refusing to marry gay couples. From the Faithwire:

Law firm Becket released a statement last week claiming victory in the Myrick v. EEOC case after a federal court found that North Carolina officials violated a magistrate’s rights when they forced her to resign over her beliefs on traditional marriage.

The case surrounded Gayle Myrick, a magistrate in Union County who found herself deeply conflicted after gay marriage was legalized in the state. According to Becket, she was forced to resign in 2014 despite trying to find a work-around that would honor both her sincerely held views on marriage and the rights of gays and lesbians looking to wed in her state.

Now, North Carolina is paying her a $300,000 settlement, which includes $210,000 in lost pay and retirement and legal fees, the AP and the Fayetteville Observer reported.

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Response: It is great to see some of these cases finally being resolved in favor of religious liberty. Cases like this give me hope that freedom of religion still has a chance to be fully realized even after the Supreme Court’s same sex marriage decision. Gay activists are pushing for LGBT rights to supersede all others including the First Amendment.

The record shows that Myrick tried to work with her supervisors but state officials stepped in and demanded her resignation instead. Cases like this should cause government officials to take religious freedom more seriously. North Carolina ironically now has a law in place that would have protected Myrick’s religious rights.               *Top

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