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-Scientist: Humans and Robots Will Have Babies Together?

by Dr. D ~ December 19th, 2017

A robotic expert is claiming that humans and robots will be able to have babies together in the future. According to the following article, robotic scientists are creating virtual DNA for AI’s that could be passed on to offspring in the future setting up the possibility for humans and robots to get together and produce a new ‘hybrid’ species.  From UK Daily Star:

Speaking at the conference in London on Wednesday, December 20, Dr Levy will explain how advancements in cell biology and bio robotics have led to his extraordinary conclusion.  …

In his conclusions, Dr Levy, author of Love and Sex with Robots, will argue that “it is possible” for humans and robots to make babies given “recent progress in stem cell research and artificial chromosomes”.  …

In terms of robot genetics, Dr Levy will cite the research of a South Korean team lead by Jong-Hwan Kim, a pioneer in the fields of Ubiquitous Robotics.

Kim and his team created the world’s first robotic chromosomes – a set of computerized DNA codes for creating artificial creatures that can have their own personality.

This virtual DNA could be injected into skin cells through TNT, thereby passing on its genetics to offspring, …

<Read the whole article>

Response: A brave new world or a nightmare? We have said it before, just because something can be done doesn’t mean it should. The robotic folks are trying to create robots that are so lifelike that they will be virtual humans. Already robots can become citizens in Saudi Arabia (See video above) and Europe is considering that possibility. Are we really going to live to see ‘Blade Runner’ become a reality along with all of the inherent potential problems and confusion?  

What would be the implications for humanity? Would the virtual artificial ‘humans’ become our slaves or would we be theirs? Some of the smartest people in the world are concerned that AI’s might enslave humans in the future. Others are actually looking forward to that possibility and calling for a new religion that worships AI’s as gods. Will a powerful AI become a ‘messiah’ and Anti-Christ’ world ruler in the future?

According to the Bible, the last time a human hybrid species was produced the Creator inspired Noah to build an ark. Fortunately, there is a real God and Creator who has a plan for humanity already in place.               *Top

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