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-Atheists Call Christmas Story ‘Fake News’

by Dr. D ~ December 8th, 2017


                                                                                        (Image: American Atheists)

The American Atheists like to stir up controversy with billboards during the Christmas season each year. Usually the message is anti-Christmas and anti-church and this year is no exception. The American Atheists have borrowed a page from politics and the main stream media calling the birth of Jesus Christ, the real reason for the season, nothing more than ‘fake news.’  See their 2017 billboard above.

I find it interesting that the placement of the billboards is in the ‘Bible Belt’ this year. Also I wonder why they only pick on Christian holidays and do not dare to attack other religions like Islam for example? I guess it is always safe to challenge Christians.

Since they are obviously doing this for publicity, can you imagine all of the world- wide attention they would receive if they called anything from the Quran ‘fake news’ and told Muslims to skip going to the mosque?  It would probably be called ‘hate speech’ and ‘Islamophobic’ for sure.             *Top

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