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-LGBT Activists Demand Christian University Change Policy on Homosexuality

by Dr. D ~ November 9th, 2017


Students applying to Azuza Pacific University in California are required to read and sign an agreement to abide by the Bible based behavioral guidelines in the student handbook. Now a group of LGBT ‘student’ activists demand that the school change their policy on same-sex relationships and marriage. Also one employee is suing the school for harassment and discrimination over that same policy. Here’s the story from the Christian Post:

LGBT activists at a Christian university in California are demanding that the school remove clauses from its student conduct policy that they believe discriminate against LGBT individuals.  …

Although students do not have to be Christian to attend APU, all students are expected to comply with " lifestyle expectations" outlined in the student handbook, the Undergraduate Catalog and "any additional policies related to living in the APU community," according to the school’s website.  …

…APU spokeswoman Rachel White explained that "APU adheres to a traditional definition of marriage."

"We are transparent about our belief," White was quoted as saying. "Each student must look at the university’s values and decide if APU is the right place for them. It’s an individual choice."

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Response: This is not the first private Christian college to be challenged over their policies on same-sex relationships and marriage nor will it be the last.

The school is a well known and respected conservative evangelical Christian institution that requires students among other things to follow Biblical guidelines pertaining to sexual behavior and marriage. Not only are homosexual relationships banned but also sex outside of marriage period. Plus the only type of marriage recognized by this conservative Christian institution is that between one man and one woman.

Now a group of LGBT activist are protesting against the conduct policies of the Christian institution and one employee is suing the school for harassment and discrimination. Ironically the employee’s lawyer is claiming that the university is somehow violating the 1st Amendment by being open to the ‘public’ and yet “imposing its own specific religious beliefs on everyone whether or not they believe it".

Lost in the argument by the activists is that fact that it is a private Christian college that they are not forced to attend. The choice is theirs. If they do not want to abide by the Christian standards in the APU handbook they can go elsewhere for their education. Fact is, if APU is forced to change their policies then it will cease to be a private conservative Bible based Christian institution.

There is a growing sentiment on the left that since same-sex marriage is now legal and part of the law of the land all institutions serving the public must be forced to comply. Chief Justice John Roberts verbalized his concern at the time that the same-sex ruling would bring on challenges to religious liberty and he has been proven to be correct.

Last year there was proposed legislation in California that would have allowed students to sue private Christian institutions to force changes in their morality codes. Fortunately we dodged a bullet and the provision was dropped due to overwhelming outrage from the Christian community. 

Also there is another idea being pushed around in progressive circles: if ‘public’ money via student loans is received by an institution then it is no longer a private institution and all the laws pertaining to discrimination and the so-called ‘separation between church and state’ should apply. The employee lawsuit in this case seems to be tacking in that direction. Look for more challenges against private Christian institutions to follow.                 *Top

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2 Responses to -LGBT Activists Demand Christian University Change Policy on Homosexuality

  1. Brian

    Here is the First Amendment in full:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    (a) The religion clause requires that citizens be allowed to form organizations for religious purposes, which support and further their religious beliefs. Among these are religious-connected educational institutions.

    (b) Freedom of speech clause – allows collective speech as well as individual speech. You and I can ban together to form an organization with many members to make our message heard by the public.

    (c) The right to assemble peaceably. Again, we can form organizations (such as universities) where we can peaceably pursue goals which can involve speech and religion.

    All of these clauses are being attacked by this litigation. In essence, the LGBT lobby is saying that public accommodation laws prohibit like-minded individuals from founding an organization which advances and furthers their religious and speech related goals.

    It is just a short step from saying “you cannot have a religious university that is open to the public that does not sanction homosexual marriage” to saying “you cannot have a church that is open to the public that does not sanction homosexual marriage.”

  2. Dr. D

    Brian, the lawyer in this case is obviously trying to stand the First Amendment on its ear and get a judgment that is the opposite of the original intent of the document. Re-interpreting the provisions of the Constitution to say whatever they want is the ‘modus operandi’ on the left. Some judges will go along with this, the 9th Circuit seems to favor the tactic. Fortunately Hillary lost a year ago and the SCOTUS is more conservative than it would have been.

    LGBT strategy is to punish all Christian institutions that maintain Biblical standards and beliefs regarding homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

    I have read numerous references on progressive websites promoting the idea and strategy that Christian schools need to be forced to accept LGBT rights or give up receiving any kind of public funding including student loans. Plus when it comes to churches, the push is to get the courts to deny tax benefits and force conservative churches to pay property taxes or accept same-sex marriage and homosexuality.

    Bottom line- LGBT rights verses religious liberty and the battle ground will be the courts rather than the Congress which is mentioned in the Amendment. The courts are actually becoming a major source of legislation. Something the founders never made provision for or anticipated.

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