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-Media Mistranslations of “Allahu Akbar”

by Dr. D ~ November 6th, 2017


You have heard it on TV broadcasts and read it in your daily fish wrap. Over and over again the media tries to explain to us that “Allahu akbar” is nothing more than a pious statement that ‘God is great.’ Something that should be understood and respected by Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike.

Again last week when a Muslim shouted out “Allahu akbar” while he  drove through a crowd near the World Trade Center in New York City killing 8 and injuring 11, several newscasters told their audiences that the terrorist used the innocuous phrase: ‘God is great.’

Yes, “Allahu akbar” can be literally translated into English as ‘God is great’ but it is a poor translation and that’s not really what it means plus it is a disingenuous attempt to separate the phrase from its actual Islamic origin. After all, Christians and Jews also would agree that ‘God is great.’ Over and over again Muslim apologists try to tells us that it is just a general statement of piety and has nothing to do with terrorism and is merely a general precept that all three ‘religions of the book’ can agree on.

In reality “Allahu akbar” is a statement of supremacy. A better translation is:

‘Allah is greater’

In the context of terrorist events the perpetrator is declaring to his unbelieving victims that his god and the religion of Islam is greater than anyone or anything else including all other religions, objects of worship, and/or philosophies. It is also a statement of justification for the attack based upon and fully rooted in the perpetrator’s understanding of the teachings of the Quran and Islam.

When the media and authorities claim that there are no ‘motives’ for the attacks when a perpetrator cries out- “Allahu akbar” they are either ignorant of Islam or they have decided that it is more important to protect us from the truth in order to reduce so-called ‘Islamophobia’ and possible Muslim persecution.

The following is an excellent article from WND on the recent terrorist event in New York and the complicit media response in mistranslating “Allahu akbar”:

Why media, officials mistranslate ‘Allahu akbar’

Here’s several quotes from the article:

…“Translating concepts from one language into another is a difficult endeavor. Translating concepts that have no equivalent in the target language is even harder. Translating religious concepts for a culture in which religion has ceased to play a central role in the life of the individual and in society is hardest of all.” …

…a “translation should always reflect the context, the speaker, and his intent.” …

The term Allahu akbar, said MEMRI, embodies “the fight for the supremacy of Islam, Allah, and the true believers: past, present, and future; actual and symbolic; military, cultural, or by means of forces of nature controlled and directed by Allah.’

“It is the battle cry and the anthem of this fight for supremacy. …”

<Read the whole article>


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