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-UK: Judge Rules Against Christian Student Expelled Over Views on Gay Marriage

by Dr. D ~ October 27th, 2017


A judge in the UK has ruled against a Christian student that was expelled from a university course for putting his views against same-sex marriage on social media. Here’s the story from the Christian Post:

…Deputy High Court Judge Rowena Collins Rice ruled against the student, Felix Ngole, arguing that his religious freedom has not been violated.

     "Public religious speech has to be looked at in a regulated context from the perspective of a public readership," Rice explained in the decision.

     "Social workers have considerable power over the lives of vulnerable service users and trust is a precious professional commodity."

Felix Ngole, who was studying for an MA in social work, found himself in trouble with the U.K. university in 2015 after posting online comments in support of Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, who was held in jail for several days for refusing to register same-sex marriages.

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Response: We have predicted that soon Christians would be discriminated against over their Biblical positions on same-sex marriage since the Supreme Court made it legal in the US. Gay marriage is the new orthodoxy that many see as superseding and trumping religious freedom. This case is in the UK but we have seen many pushing for similar approaches toward limiting religious freedom and free speech here in the USA.

In fact, a graduate student (in 2010) at a public university in Georgia was told that she must give up on her Christian beliefs or be expelled from her master’s degree program in counseling. So this is really not new even here in America where the Constitution supposedly guarantees religious freedom.

This UK case deals with what the student said on social media which the judge discounted as a violation of religious freedom. But what about another case which is in the USA where a doctor lost his job over what he said during sermons in a church? Even most progressives would allow for religious freedom within the four walls of a church or synagogue but the new orthodoxy superseded the sanctity of a church in that case. The point is, this issue isn’t just a UK problem but one Christians will be dealing with here in America regardless of the Constitution.                 *Top

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