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-Saudi Arabia Gives Citizenship to a Robot?

by Dr. D ~ October 27th, 2017

Saudi Arabia became the first country to give full rights and citizenship to a robot. Here’s the story from the Daily Wire:

The oil-rich kingdom recently granted women the right to drive, but restricts nearly all other human rights to women. In fact, some women who are raped are actually whipped for having sex outside of marriage.

Now, the Gulf nation has granted a robot — which happens to be female — full citizenship, giving the machine more rights than human females.

With the odd move, the void-eyed humanoid named Sophia became the first robot to be granted citizenship in the entire world.

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Response: I am stumped. Apparently ‘Sophia’ doesn’t have to wear Muslim head coverings or worry about being escorted by only close male relatives in public? It seems incredible to me that this machine has more ‘rights’ than real women in this Muslim nation.

There are so many questions that one would like to ask. Is ‘she’ going to be allowed to marry or does some man or company actually own ‘her’ and therefore is sort of a slave instead? Slavery was ‘officially’ abolished in this country in 1962 but many still unofficially serve in capacities as servants that are not all that much different than traditional slavery which is still legal in some Muslim countries.

Another question- will other nations grant rights and citizenship to robots and AI machines in the future. If so, what will be the qualifications for differentiating laptops from evolved machines with some kind sense of being?

Also, will one’s understanding of God and Creation and/or evolution play into the possible acceptance of rights for our AI creations in the future? Many view humans as nothing more than evolved animals with no ‘spiritual’ destiny or separateness that might differentiate us from our own evolved AI creations.

For example, Dan Brown in his latest book- “Origin” seems to be calling for a future where AI’s have rights and eventually ‘evolve’ into becoming our ‘gods’ while the God of Creation and the Bible is totally eliminated. In addition his protagonist/scientist in the book was exploring the old sci-fi idea of downloading human consciousness and memory into machines and therefore achieving some kind of physical immortality.

Add to that all of the popular sci-fi books and TV series like Star Trek the Next Generation which have dealt with the AI rights question and have come out in favor of extending ‘human’ rights to evolved machines. So one could say that many of us are already conditioned to look for and expect some kind of future where advanced machines share some kind of parity with humans.

The biggest surprise is that it was Saudi Arabia which became the first to recognize rights for robots. I would have expected something like this to happen first in a place like ‘progressive’ California which has already given ‘godlike’ status to the environment and is the home to ‘Silicon Valley’ and all of their ‘evolving’ creations.                 *Top

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