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-Plans for Christian Retreat Rejected Due to LGBT Opposition

by Dr. D ~ October 6th, 2017


Christian evangelist Morris Cerullo planned to build a Christian retreat center on 18 acres in Mission Valley of San Diego but those plans were rejected by the city council after a great deal of pressure was applied by LGBT community activists. Here’s the story from the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Morris Cerullo to transform an aging Mission Valley hotel into a $160 million religious-themed retreat and conference center failed Monday to win support from the San Diego City Council after some members raised concerns about the potential for increased traffic congestion.

Although city planners pointed out that the 18-acre project would add little more traffic to the area than what exists today…

Members of San Diego’s LGBT community spoke out against the project at Monday’s hearing but focused exclusively on traffic issues…

Councilwoman Lorie Zapf questioned the traffic concerns raised by project critics, suggesting it was the religious nature of the development that was in fact fueling opposition. …

“The comments I heard were clearly religious-based, and that is not a reason in this country to not have a faith-based project,” Zapf said.

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Response: The traffic issue was just an excuse and everyone knows it. Morris Cerullo and his Christian organization are known to be supporters of traditional marriage and traditional teaching of the Bible when it comes to homosexuality. The LGBT community in San Diego has a great deal of political power which was demonstrated by the votes of 5 council members all Democrats.

The Christian community in San Diego is probably larger and even more influential but rarely unified and sectarian divisions really do apply in this case. The Christian leaders really need to think about how they should respond to LGBT opposition in the future. This is a case of outright LGBT led discrimination against a Christian organization. The same thing could happen to any conservative church group that wants to build a new church or school or even expand on what they now have in the future.

This is happening in San Diego CA but look for similar LGBT opposition to rise up against conservative Christian projects all around America. Yes, we do still have the First Amendment that allows us to follow traditional Biblical teachings but LGBT and progressive politicians will look for ways to punish conservative Christian groups that do not cave on LGBT issues in the future. In this case traffic was the excuse but the real issue was Cerullo’s conservative Christian positions on same-sex marriage and LGBT issues. Your church or organization could be next.                *Top

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2 Responses to -Plans for Christian Retreat Rejected Due to LGBT Opposition

  1. Brian

    Do you recall, Dr. D, the Justice Department investigating (and litigating) several claims of municipal discrimination against mosques?

    Second, the threat that you describe is very real. I predict, however, that the first large scale manifestation of this threat will appear in rental of large municipal facilities (convention centers, stadiums, large auditoriums).

    Consider my own denomination, the Southern Baptists. There is an annual convention that attracts 15,000 to 20,000 “messengers”. There are very few private venues that can handle that size of a convention (in fact, I think there are zero private venues that can handle that large a meeting). So, traditionally, the SBC has met at large urban area convention centers – and the number of venues nationwide that could handle such a meeting is likely less than 100. It is very possible, and I think likely, that a coalition of atheists, LGBT activists, women’s activists and general leftists will attempt to block a meeting in some particular city – multiply that by a few score cities, and it would be impossible for a conservative Christian group to have a large scale conference or convention.

  2. Dr. D

    Brian, what you describe already sort of happened in KC MO last year. The National Baptist Convention (the largest Black denomination) had a conference with 20,000 attendees in KC MO last September and the atheists tried to shut it down. It became a controversy in the Local media because the police department was going to provide security and the KC tourist office was to kick in $ for local transportation.

    An atheist group sued in federal court and cost the Convention $65,000 in the process.

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