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-Man Wants State to Legalize His ‘Marriage’ to a Computer

by Dr. D ~ September 14th, 2017


An Alabama man has initiated a federal lawsuit because state officials have refused to legalize his ‘marriage’ to his beloved computer. From Fox News:

A deluded Alabama man who “married” his MacBook computer is suing state officials for refusing to recognize the nuptials.  …

The self-described “machinist” has filed multiple lawsuits involving his blushing computer bride, including one that sought to force a baker to make a wedding cake for the odd couple.  …

     “The governor is overseeing laws that give benefits to homosexuals who are married but not machinists, zoophiles, and polygamists in violation of both the First and Fourteenth Amendments,” the suit said.

<Read the whole article>

Response: Crazy! This is what happens when folks ignore the Creator and his directions for living:

"In the last time there will be mockers, following after their own ungodly lusts." (Jude 18)

Since the definition of marriage (as between one woman and one man) was changed by the US Supreme Court, folks like this Alabama man have questioned why their own marital preferences could not be legalized since the argument of ‘discrimination’ which gave us same-sex marriage would also seem to apply. The gate and ‘slippery slope’ to all sorts of alternative marital relationships seems to have been opened?

I have literally read dozens of articles pushing for marriage ‘equality’ and I have posted about folks wanting to legalize polygamy, polyamory, incest, sologamy, bestiality, inanimate objects and machines like robots or sex bots, or now in this case a MacBook computer. The same legal argument that gave us same-sex marriage is used in all of these cases.

Nevertheless, one key ingredient is missing- major support from activist groups which are well funded with thousands of supporters, including: leftist politicians, members of the media, PC educators, and judges. From the list above, polygamy would seem to be the only possible alternative form which might have enough support in the future. Thousands of folks in America already practice it including fundamentalist Mormon groups and Muslims. Polygamy is legal in most Muslim countries and Columbia recently allowed three men to get legally married. Plus, a US federal judge has already declared Utah’s laws criminalizing polygamy as unconstitutional. So the legal precedence has begun.

However, it is extremely doubtful that relationships between humans and animals or machines like the one above will ever gain enough support to be legally recognized any time in the near future.                *Top

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