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-Boston Antifa: No Room For…Supporters of The U.S. Constitution

by Dr. D ~ August 21st, 2017

Boston Antifa Symbol

I had to ask what radicals on the left would come up with next. First the removal of Confederate statues, then Washington and Jefferson, and now supporters of the Constitution? The Boston Antifa oppose racism but a whole lot more on their website. From Townhall:

“There is no room for capitalists, conservatives, libertarians, "classical liberals" or supporters of the US constitution in our city. You MUST leave.”

<Read the whole article>

Response: Incredible since the Constitution actually gives them the right to protest and do what they do. In a previous post I mentioned that the Constitution itself might be one of the next targets of the progressive left, particularly the First and Second Amendments. But I really didn’t expect a leftist group to come out against it so clearly and so soon.

If you kick the ‘classical liberals’ out of Boston who will be left? And who is going to pay the taxes that support all of the social programs in Boston if business folks and capitalists are banished? Also, the ‘Supporters of the Constitution’ have to include the majority even in liberal Boston. Fortunately this group is on the fringe and represents only a small minority on the left even though they have received large media support and acclaim for their recent protests.

Nevertheless, look for a progressive drumbeat to revise the Constitution in the near future. Free Speech and Religious liberty are already under attack and I have seen several recent articles calling for a new ‘Constitutional Convention’ to revise the very foundation of our nation.                  *Top

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