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-CNN commentator: Remove Statues of Washington and Jefferson Also!

by Dr. D ~ August 18th, 2017

A CNN commentator has called for the removal of the statues and monuments to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson along with the Confederate memorials. From The Blaze:

Angela Rye, CNN political commentator and former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus, told CNN’s Kate Bolduan on Thursday that she believes statues and monuments of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson also need to be removed in addition to the Confederate monuments.  …

“George Washington was a slave owner, and we need to call slave owners out for what they are, whether we think they were protecting American freedom or not,” Rye said. “He wasn’t protecting my freedom. My ancestors weren’t deemed human beings to him.

“So to me, I don’t care if it’s a George Washington statue or a Thomas Jefferson statue or a Robert E. Lee statue. They all need to come down,” she said.

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The CNN story is not the only one along this line. Al Sharpton is also targeting Jefferson:

In an interview with Charlie Rose earlier this week, Rev. Al Sharpton called for the government to strip public funding of the Jefferson Memorial.  …

Al Sharpton: When you look at the fact that public monuments are supported by public funds, you are asking me to subsidize the insult of my family.

<Read the whole article>

Response: Christians cannot support racism in any way or form. But how should we react to the current PC moves to remove all statues and monuments to American historical figures who in some way supported or participated in slavery or in the Confederacy?

Twelve of our presidents owned slaves at one time or another. The last on the list will be a surprise to most:

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

James Madison

James Monroe

Andrew Jackson

Martin Van Buren

William Henry Harrison

John Tyler

James K. Polk

Zackary Taylor

Andrew Johnson

Ulysses S. Grant

Shall All of these folks be expunged from our history along with all of their statues, monuments, and honors including state, city, school, and street names? Or shall we learn from the past and recognize that some of our heroes had major flaws.

I would rather see clarifying plaques explaining why these historical figures have been honored by Americans in the past along with commentary on the things we should not continue to honor in their lives. Why not let our citizens and particularly the children be exposed to both the pluses and the negative points of our history. Let’s learn by our history rather than destroy it or repeat it. 

My question for the day is this:

Shall we add liberal icon FDR to this list of infamy since he confiscated the property of Japanese Americans and had them put in consecration camps? And what about President Truman who gave the order to kill thousands of women and children dropping 2 nuclear bombs. Americans of that generation thought it was a good way to win and end a war but that runs counter to the present PC notion. Also what about all of our leaders who participated in the wholesale slaughter of native Americans and the destruction of their cultures? Some of them were presidents and some are still considered to be war heroes.

My point is this- where does it all end and what is next? Some are already suggesting that the founding documents including the Constitution itself can not be trusted and needs to be revised since so many slave owners participated in its production. I have also literally seen hundreds of articles in the last several years calling for limitations and even suspension of the First Amendment.

Already there are those calling for a new ‘Constitutional Convention’ in order to revise the current document without going through the laborious and difficult amendment process. Beware of those wanting to change the Constitution. What we would undoubtedly end up getting is something far worse than we presently have and one shorn of the First and Second Amendments and goodness knows what else.                 *Top

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3 Responses to -CNN commentator: Remove Statues of Washington and Jefferson Also!

  1. Brian

    The slippery slope has already begun. This morning in California , a statue of Junipero Serra, a Catholic priest/missionary, was vandalized. Apparent reason: certain radical Indian groups think that he “destroyed” California Indian culture….

  2. Dr. D

    When I was in Elementary school in 50’s Father Serra was considered a hero and we all made models of our favorite mission in 4th grade when we studied California history. Now he’s a controversial figure and so are the missions he established to the Indians up and down the coast.

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