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-U.S. State Department: ISIS Guilty of Genocide

by Dr. D ~ August 17th, 2017

ISIS Flag 


Last year the Obama administration finally came out with the truth, obvious to all, that ISIS was guilty of genocide against all who were not Muslims, particularly Christians. We considered it to be too little and too late at the time and chided Sec. Kerry for the very little effort that his administration had put in to actually protect Christians and others.

N0w it seems like more of the same from the Trump administration with very little help and change coming from the State Department. Finally the new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson came out with his own report declaring that ISIS guilty of genocide. The summary was very late and very short:

This year, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson skipped the lengthy executive summary and laid out a preface just 440 words, naming only a single concern in his written introduction: ISIS.

“ISIS has and continues to target members of multiple religions and ethnicities for rape, kidnapping, enslavement, and death,” the Trump administration appointee and former Exxon CEO wrote. “The protection of these groups—and others who are targets of violent extremism—remains a human rights priority for the Trump administration.”

The report was also a few months later than normal, released on August 15 rather than by May 1.

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Response: One thing we have noticed, a lot of the time the State Department bureaucrats are ignoring Trump’s policies and continue to do their own thing. State ‘lifers’ continue implementing their own agenda and policies which have emphasized and championed LGBT rights around the world with little or no attention given to religious freedom and persecution.

Christians in the Middle East are still having a harder time than Muslims getting visas and refugee status regardless of all of the President’s statements and executive orders. Meanwhile, genocide against Christians continues unabated with no real help in sight.

Ironically, North Korea was not even mentioned by Tillerson, despite all of the recent verbal confrontations with that regime. Meanwhile that country continues to be among the worst ever in the treatment, persecution, and killing of Christians.               *Top

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