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-University ‘Diversity’ Chair: Conservatives “You Are Not Welcome Here”

by Dr. D ~ August 2nd, 2017


All over America universities and colleges are calling for ‘diversity’ but that doesn’t seem to include conservatives and Christians. Here is just one example:

The University of Central Florida’s (UCF) student government has recently appointed a new Diversity Chair, and its conservative students are less than thrilled. It’s not that Grayson Lanza is a vocal Democrat, it’s that he has zero tolerance for those with differing opinions.

According to Knight News – an independent, student-run paper – various students have accused Lanza of being hostile towards conservatives and saying that Trump-supporters have no place on UCF’s campus.

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Response: This is symptomatic of the current environment on college campuses all across the country. In this case Trump supporters were singled out but conservative speakers have been blocked from speaking in ‘free-speech’ areas on many campuses.

Also Christian clubs are being kicked off campus while atheist and Muslim groups are still allowed. Ironically many Christian groups have been suspended in the name of ‘diversity’ because all of their student leaders were actually Christians.                 *Top

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1 Response to -University ‘Diversity’ Chair: Conservatives “You Are Not Welcome Here”

  1. Brian

    Dr D, you do not know your own power — within hours of your publication of this piece, Grayson Lanza resigned as diversity chair.

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