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-Berkeley CA: Dawkins Cancelled Because He Spoke Against Islam?

by Dr. D ~ July 24th, 2017


Dr. Richard Dawkins was scheduled to speak in Berkeley CA but his appearance was cancelled because he has dared to criticize Islam in the past. Here’s the story from The NY Times:

A public radio station in Berkeley, Calif., said it canceled a live discussion and book signing with the evolutionary biologist and noted atheist Richard Dawkins because of his past comments criticizing Islam.

Mr. Dawkins was to promote his new book, “Science in the Soul: Selected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist,” before an audience of hundreds of paying ticket holders on Aug. 9. The event was also to be a fund-raiser for its host, the radio station KPFA.

The station sent an email to ticketholders on Thursday that praised the book but apologized for not having “broader knowledge” of his views much earlier. It added that Mr. Dawkins had hurt people with “his tweets and other comments on Islam.”

<Read the whole article>

Response: Dawkins is an activist atheist who has criticized all religions. The volume and number of his anti-Christian comments exceeds any of his other comments. He has even insinuated in the past that many Christian believers were uneducated idiots. Yet most American Christians would support his right to publically present his views despite offensive past comments. 

Dr. Dawkins in a creature of the left who even participated in the ‘Free Speech’ era of the 60’s in Berkeley but he is censored like one from the right because he dared to make critical statements against Islam which is in protected progressive PC status? The irony is incredible. Forget the fact that the tenants of Islam actually oppose most of the cherished touchstones of the left. One is not free to point out that reality or hurt Muslims with observations that Islam is “the greatest force for evil in the world today” regardless of whether it has any basis in truth or not.

Obviously there is an inexplicable double standard on the left when it comes to Islam. The irony of it all is exposed in this response by Dr. Dawkins himself:

“I am known as a frequent critic of Christianity and have never been de-platformed for that. Why do you give Islam a free pass? Why is it fine to criticize Christianity but not Islam?”

That is a good question and it will undoubtedly go unanswered since there is no logical  reason for the left’s exclusive affinity with Islam except both oppose conservative Christianity.                *Top

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1 Response to -Berkeley CA: Dawkins Cancelled Because He Spoke Against Islam?

  1. Brian

    “… there is no logical reason for the left’s exclusive affinity with Islam except both oppose conservative Christianity.”

    I submit that there is a bizarre logic involved, Dr. D. One can examine all leftist positions in terms of a perceived “us” versus a perceived “them.”

    The “us” is always the villain or oppressor. The “them” is always a victim.

    In race relations, it is Caucasians versus everyone else. In gender relations, depending on the context, it can be men versus women victims, or heterosexuals versus LGBT victims. In economic context, it is always the rich versus the poor (or, at least, the well-to-do versus the not-quite as well off). In cultural issues, it is always the Western culture oppressing all others.

    In religious areas, Christians are perceived as the power group, so they fulfill the role of oppressors. The oppressed, depending on the context, can be atheists/agnostics, Islam, Neo-Pagans, etc.

    Keep in mind that facts do not matter to this analysis! The baker who refuses to make a reading cake and is then prosecuted (persecuted) for it is really not in a position of power to oppress any one. His subsequent persecution shows that he is the one oppressed! But the actual relationship of strength/power, right versus wrong, motivations of the parties, their misconduct or blamelessness, etc. does not matter – what matters it he knee jerk emotional, visceral perception on the part of the Left Elite that some groups “must” always be the oppressor while other groups are always, in some fashion the oppressed.


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