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-Are Roadside Crosses a Violation of Church and State?

by Dr. D ~ July 21st, 2017


We have all seen them- roadside crosses put up by friends and family as a memorial to  loved ones killed on the highway. Since they are in fact put on public land are they a violation of church and state? Members of the atheist organization- Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) believe so and have complained about them on a number of different occasions. The latest in Salem Oregon:

Tucked away in overgrown grass along the side of a road in Salem, Oregon, was a small, white cross, commemorating the life of a mother who died in a tragic car wreck at least a decade ago. But that tribute has since been voluntarily removed by the family after a prominent atheist group complained about its location.

In late June, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a notice to Salem Mayor Chuck Bennett (D), demanding the 4-foot-tall Christian symbol be removed because it was positioned on city property — an “unconstitutional endorsement of religion.”

Rather than fight the complaint, the family decided to simply remove the memorial because they didn’t want the intimate tribute to get caught up in a firestorm of scrutiny.

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Response: Can you imagine the sadness and the feelings of the family in this story when they ‘voluntarily’ removed their mother’s memorial?

Are roadside crosses really a violation of church and state? No. but intimidation from the intolerant FFRF atheist group has resulted in many cities and jurisdictions in removing crosses from public parks and properties and the cleaning up and removal of roadside memorials.

When it comes to memorial roadside crosses, they were put up by friends and family and not by government authorities. There is in fact no ‘endorsement’ or sponsorship of a particular religion in this case. Only sympathy and toleration by government officials.

It really isn’t and church and state issue. It is in fact a display of intolerance by atheists when they insist on the removal of all crosses on public lands. Government jurisdictions are complying all across America in order to save money on legal fees that would be incurred if they had to go to court.

The atheists are winning the day mostly by default.  It is my contention that once crosses have been taken off of public lands then they will turn their efforts towards eliminating crosses seen in public on private lands. This has already happen in several cases. Atheists have complained to businesses that have allowed crosses on their property and have been active in supporting city regulations defining rules minimalizing the size and visibility of crosses even on church properties.                  *Top

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