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-Womb Transplants For Men?

by Dr. D ~ July 10th, 2017


Doctors in the UK say that womb transplants may soon be available for men and transgender folks that want to have babies. Not only that, they might be paid for by the government? Here’s the story from the Christian Post:

Fertility doctors in the U.K. are reportedly working on womb transplant procedures that would allow transgender people born as males, and also other men, to have babies.

Moreover, National Health Service doctors told The Mail on Sunday that taxpayers should fund such transplants, citing "equality enshrined in law."

Dr. Amel Alghrani of Liverpool University said that such a transplant procedure is a real possibility, and explained that it could help not only transgender women have children, but also gay and straight men who "wanted to experience the joys of carrying a child."

<Read the whole article>

Response: I guess that in the future the goal is for original biological gender to be rendered totally meaningless? Last week I saw a story that a baby was born in Canada and the parent requested that the child receive no gender designation on his/her birth certificate and health card.  She wants her child to decide for ‘itself’ later? Now wombs for sale to anyone who wants a child? So if a ‘man’ has a baby is ‘he’ the mother or do words like father and mother also become meaningless? Lately trangenderism seems to be replacing common sense.

I can accept that transplants for women who need them would be a blessing. Otherwise file this under-’just because it can be done doesn’t mean it should.’

This is what happens when a culture disregards God the Creator and his Word. One’s whole identity is under a cloud of confusion. I guess the human race becomes like the angels without sexual designation? Sounds like a plan hatched by the fallen angels (called demons) who are in rebellion against God and his order and authority over creation. Regardless, Jesus Christ wins in the end.               *Top

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