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-A Pregnant Man? No Not Really!

by Dr. D ~ June 22nd, 2017


The news channels are alive with the story of a ‘man’ who is pregnant with ‘his’ first child. Really? Not! Anyway here’s the news from CNN:

Like most anyone in their third trimester of pregnancy, Trystan Reese is dealing with cravings and heartburn. But unlike most first-time parents, Reese is a transgender man who is expecting a baby with his partner of seven years, Biff Chaplow. The Portland, Oregon, couple will welcome a son in July. …

Reese, who was assigned the female gender at birth and says he kept his “original parts,” adds that he never wanted to change his body.

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Response: This is the type of confusion that is the result of the current activist transgender movement. Apples are no longer apples and oranges may be something else according to the current progressive transgender dictum.

The facts are that this transgender ‘man’ decided to remain a woman physically and when ‘he’ and his partner chose to have a child ‘he’ in reality chose to be a woman once more at least for 9 months or even longer if ‘he’ breastfeeds the new baby.

Nevertheless if you actually call him a woman or use a feminine pronoun in identifying him you could be in legal trouble in a number of jurisdictions around the country. Also calling a pregnant woman a ‘her’ could get you expelled from quite a few colleges and universities around the country if the person referred to is a transgender man. The truth can get you in a whole lot of trouble now in America. Especially if you use a politically incorrect pronoun or quote the wrong Bible verse.                *Top

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