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-High School: Pro-Life Club Too Controversial

by Dr. D ~ June 4th, 2017

Pro-life symbol

A high School in Allentown,  Pennsylvania will not allow students to form a Pro-Life club because it would be too political and controversial. From Life Site News:

Last fall, senior Elizabeth Castro and junior Grace Schairer attempted at Parkland High School to start a Students for Life club. Parkland already has a gay-straight alliance club, a political science club, a fashion club, a chess club, and other student-led groups.   … 

They soon found out the real problem: Parkland High officials didn’t want a pro-life club at school.

After going through the entire process to start a group and securing an adviser, the assistant principal turned them down, saying a pro-life club was too "controversial" and "political."

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Response: Nearly half the country supports pro-life positions or at the very least a support for the reduction of abortions but somehow it is ‘too’ controversial for a high school? Meanwhile, a gay activist club along with a poly sci group is fine and not too political? Seems rather hypocritical when education and student growth is suppose to be the real goals for the school administrators.

Another example of how so many academicians occupy the progressive left and anything in the center or right, or religious at all is an anathema to them. We see this leftist bias in colleges all across America, now the school administrators that our universities produce are demonstrating these same views and acting on them.

This really does create a problem in local schools where the community, including the parents and students, may be more divided in their views and even far more representative of the center or right.               *Top

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1 Response to -High School: Pro-Life Club Too Controversial

  1. Brian

    I think this may be another result of the bullying and intimidation of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (and similar groups). The school is possibly blocking an organization that will embrace certain conservative religious viewpoints out of fear of the FFRF or similar organizations raising a stink.

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