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-The View: Christian Businesses Are Comparable to The Taliban?

by Dr. D ~ June 3rd, 2017

According to the hosts of The View, Christian business owners like Hobby Lobby who do not want to provide for birth control coverage for their employees, including abortifacients and abortion because of religious principles, are on par with The Taliban. From the Blaze:

On Thursday, the liberal women on “The View” discussed the recent decision by President Donald Trump’s administration to remove a mandate in Obamacare that forces employers to provide health insurance plans that cover birth control. …

But according to the liberal co-hosts on “The View,” stores like Hobby Lobby essentially “imposed” their beliefs on their employees. The ladies argued Thursday that not providing birth control and not wanting tax payer dollars to fund Planned Parenthood amounts to restricting people’s choices.

<View the video above or Read the whole article>

Response: A ridiculous comparison. The Taliban forces everyone under their rule to adhere to their radical Islamic beliefs. People under the control of the Taliban have no individual rights. The Christian businesses do don’t restrict employees from purchasing birth control of any kind including abortions.  They just do not want to pay for anything that is contrary to their religious convictions. It is all about religious liberty and the 1st Amendment.

You can always count on the liberal ladies on The View to get it wrong when it come to the freedom of religion and particularly Christianity. Unfortunately the TV show reflects a progressive view that is shared by millions which is why we are now in the battle of our life for religious liberty and are in danger of losing our rights in spite of the words written in our Constitution which is now being interpreted by judges in ways that are far different than our founders and the original writers intended.               *Top

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