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-School Administrators: Say “I Will Pray For You” Will Get You Fired

by Dr. D ~ May 25th, 2017


A school worker has been told by her boss that saying- “I will pray for you” to a coworker will result in ‘disciplinary action’ or even get you fired. Here’s the story from the PJ Media:

A Maine school worker is afraid to express her faith or even to wear religious jewelry, out of concern that her school would fire her. She had told one of her coworkers, who attended the same church, that she would pray for him. While he thanked her at the time, he later seemed to use the event as ammunition to retaliate against her. A letter from her employer explicitly forbade any religious phrases on school property, even in private.

"Stating, ‘I will pray for you’, and ‘you were in my prayers’ is not acceptable – even if that other person attends the same church as you," the school declared in a letter last September, threatening disciplinary action for any further religious "interaction" that would be "deemed unprofessional."…

According to Jeremy Dys, senior counsel at First Liberty Institute who took on this case:

"School employees are not required to hide their faith from each other while on campus."

"What Augusta Public Schools did by punishing Toni for discussing her faith in a private conversation with a coworker is unconscionable," added Timothy Woodcock, an attorney with Eaton Peabody. "The law is clear: employers cannot discriminate against employees who privately discuss their faith while at work."

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Response: There is an increasing and ongoing trend in public schools against religious freedom. Administrators mistakenly believe that the public schools are ‘no religion zones’ and workers and students must leave their First Amendment rights behind when they enter school property. The only exception to that rule seems to be accommodation for Muslim prayers.

The courts have repeatedly ruled that the First Amendment applies to workers, teachers, and students in public schools. Students are free to pray even with other students as long as the school or teachers do not officially lead or demand it. It should be the same for workers and teachers.

Hopefully the lawsuit against the school district will resolve this issue in favor of religious liberty for school workers and school administrators all across America will pay attention.                    *Top

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