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-Harvard Study Confirms Anti-Trump Media Bias

by Dr. D ~ May 20th, 2017


Anyone reading newspapers, watching newscasts, or listening to radio news can easily figure out that the main stream media doesn’t like our new President and his administration. A new Harvard study not only confirms that there is a definite on-going media bias but demonstrates that the amount of negative stories against President Trump is unprecedented and far worse than any recent executive had to face. Here’s the story from Heat Street:

A major new study out of Harvard University has revealed the true extent of the mainstream media’s bias against Donald Trump. …

Academics at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy analyzed coverage from Trump’s first 100 days in office across 10 major TV and print outlets.

They found that the tone of some outlets was negative in as many as 98% of reports, significantly more hostile than the first 100 days of the three previous administrations: …

The picture was very different for other recent administrations. The study found that President Obama’s first 100 days got a good write-up overall – with 59% of reports positive.

Bill Clinton and George W Bush got overall negative coverage, it found, but to a much lesser extent than Trump. Clinton’s first 100 days got 40% positivity, while Bush’s got 43%…

<Read the whole article>

Response: We have been commenting on media bias for many years and the fact is it is far worse than it use to be. Increasingly the major university schools of journalism are dominated by secular folks of the far left and students are taught that it is their job to change the world ‘for the better.’ In most cases ‘better’ includes a leftist/progressive politically correct world view that distains religion, particularly Christianity, conservatism, and any kind of national identity.

Since President Trump Seems to be on the opposite side of every issue that they hold dear he is considered to be an ‘enemy’ that needs to be eliminated. Every story is formed to fit a negative narrative and every fact is presented in a way to support their distain for the President and his administration. From the media’s perspective it is no longer their job to merely present the facts and let the people in a democratic society decide for themselves. It is obviously their view that the terrible conservative voters that voted for Trump in the first place must be forced to change their minds.

The firing of FBI’s Comey is a case in point. Last year the press and the progressives were calling on President Obama to fire the Director but when Trump actually does it they take an opposite view immediately. Comey was incompetent and everyone knows it and I’m pretty well tired of the huge negative media coverage and feeding frenzy.

Some will say that Trump may be causing some of his own problems by the way he is treating the press. Which came first the chicken or the egg- Trump’s attack on the media or the media against Trump? Sometimes I do believe that the President has caused some of his own problems through political inexperience and with his demonstrated ‘foot in the mouth disease’ on Twitter.

Nevertheless, I have had enough of the way the media is distorting the facts to fit their own progressive world views and narrative. I am hoping and trusting that millions of Americans are also getting fed up and see though the obvious media bias against President Trump and anything conservative or Christian. 

There was a time in America when the major news folks were among the most trusted public figures but that is no longer the case as the lines between actual hard news, biased narratives, and ‘fake’ reporting has become increasingly blurred.              *Top

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2 Responses to -Harvard Study Confirms Anti-Trump Media Bias

  1. Brian

    And here is why it has happened, Dr. D:


  2. Dr. D

    Wow, thanks Brian,
    I have always pictured journalists as a group of lemmings. One radio show I use to listen to before I retired recorded the responses of major broadcast media folks to current events and issues. It was amazing how they all used the same words and supported nearly identical narratives and observations.

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