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-National Park: Christian Scientist Denied Access For Study Because of Beliefs?

by Dr. D ~ May 13th, 2017


A prominent scientist was recently denied access to conduct a study in the Grand Canyon National Park because of his Christian beliefs. Here’s the story from Charisma News:

Dr. Andrew Snelling is a highly learned and experienced geologist. He’s published numerous peer-reviewed materials, has had years of experience in various labs and has conducted studies in the United States as well as Australia.

But when he submitted a request to Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP) to perform a standard soil and rock collection, he was denied.

Rather than noting his experience and numerous endorsements from fellow scientists, reviewers scrutinized Dr. Snelling’s Christian faith and views.

They subsequently denied his request.

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Response: This type of discrimination is happening to Christians in colleges and universities all across America in academic circles. There have been a number of reports in the last year or so that Christian professors and scientists have been denied tenure and advancement.

But the National Park Service is a government agency and this type of treatment should not be tolerated. In fact President Trump just said in a speech that this type of treatment of people of faith would not be allowed in his administration.

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Dr. Sneller. It will be interesting to see how this is resolved in a new administration. The lead ADF lawyer Gary McCaleb, commented that the GCNP is "directly discriminating" against Dr. Snelling for his faith. The law and the Constitution should be on the Doctor’s side.                    *Top

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