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-Libya: Christians No Longer Welcome

by Dr. D ~ April 24th, 2017


As bad as dictator Muammar Gaddafi was the new radical leaders in Libya are even worse. At one time there were 0ver 100,000 Christians living openly in Libya now only a few thousand remain mostly in hiding. From Breitbart News:

While Christians generally enjoyed freedom from heavy discrimination and a decent level of liberty to worship and practice under the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, Christians’ security disappeared when this dictator fell and Libya was beset with lawlessness. Militias and tribal groups were empowered, including Muslim groups like Ansar al Shariah, al-Nusra, the Islamic State, and the Muslim Brotherhood. At their hands, Christians suffered assaults on churches, violence against clergy, abductions, and numerous other forms of violence.

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Response: You can blame President Obama and Hillary Clinton for this debacle since they supported and supplied the radical Islamists who overthrew Gaddafi. Now the country is run by al Queda and ISIS radicals, radical sharia is the prevailing law of the land, and Christians are no longer welcome.

It is ironic that in the countries where the USA has taken direct or supporting action in the overthrow of a Middle Eastern dictator or government, the result has been a greater persecution of Christians and a decline in numbers.

There isn’t even one official church in Afghanistan and conversion to Christianity is outlawed. There use to be 500,000 Christians living peacefully under Saddam Hussein in Iraq but less than a 100,000 remain. In Syria the Christian communities are the worse hit in that civil war. Now even the large Christian Coptic community (10 Million) in Egypt is under assault by radical Islamists and the government doesn’t seem to be able to protect them anymore.

Some are now even wondering if there will be a Christian presence left anywhere in the Middle East after the end of the current conflicts. Meanwhile, thousands of Americans have given their lives and the area has less freedom and more violence than it did before, particularly for Christians.               *Top

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2 Responses to -Libya: Christians No Longer Welcome

  1. Brian

    Back at the time of the Arab Spring, I was telling friends that it was going to be a disaster, rather than the birth of tolerant democracies as President Obama seemed to hope. The only organized factions among the various insurgents in Libya (or Egypt, or Syria, etc.) were radical Islamicists. There were, no doubt, individuals who would have wanted to create tolerant democracies, but without an organization and leadership, what could they do?

    Compare the Russian Revolution, where the Bolsheviks (the “Majority Men” in Russian) were actually a minority among the revolutionaries, but they had the disciplined organization and the leadership to exploit the turmoil that followed the overthrow of the czar.

    So, if I could see what was coming (and, I think, you could see what was coming, Dr. D), why didn’t Obama and Clinton see what was coming?

  2. Dr. D

    By all accounts both Obama and Hillary are very smart. Obviously they did see what was coming since they would have been privy to far more info and details then we had. Also obviously their world view is far different than ours. Both are in favor of a future one world government.

    How their strategy, that seems to have empowered radical Islamists, contributes to their ‘world order’ objective I do not quite see. All their actions have contributed an increase in the disorder and chaos in the Middle East. Now that is being exported to Europe with the millions of refugees. Either they are stupid and naive which is one option or that was their plan in the first place- more chaos and the destruction of national borders and identity.

    Also obviously the election of Trump has put a major wrench in their plans.

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