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-United Methodist Church: ‘Mexit’ For Sexual/Theological Dissenters?

by Dr. D ~ April 1st, 2017


One major UMC theologian is proposing that progressive dissenters that oppose the traditional theological and sexual policies of the church should be encouraged and allowed to exit the denomination for the sake of unity. Here’s the story from juicyecumenism:

William Abraham of Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas proposed Mexit at a conference of 28 theologians addressing United Methodism’s debates over sexuality, hosted by the United Methodist Board of Higher Education and Ministry on March 9-12 in Atlanta.  The event was called “Unity of the Church and Human Sexuality: Toward a Faithful United Methodist Witness.”

But Abraham, with some others present, did not think church unity possible with dissenters openly defying church teaching and law, including last year’s election by the church’s small Western Jurisdiction of an openly lesbian and partnered bishop.

“I think that the way ahead lies with an exit plan for those who cannot accept the canonical teaching and practice of the church rather than a plan for division,” Abraham announced, coining the term “Mexit” for this Methodist departure.

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Response: The controversy in the UMC has continued since 1972. Prof. Abraham points out that with the increasing numbers of members in Africa that are substantially conservative, the official policy of the UMC toward ordaining homosexuals and same-sex marriage will not be changing and the battle is actually over. The conservatives have more votes at the denominational conferences and that will continue to be the case in the future.

Nevertheless, rebellion in some American jurisdictions continues to cause disunity and trouble in the denomination. Abraham’s answer to resolving this problem in the church is what he calls, ‘Mexit.’ His idea is to define an exit policy that allows those who disagree with the current policies to leave the denomination without battling over property and membership.

Sounds good and it would be nice for any church to avoid the type of legal battles going on in the Episcopal Church and those starting to happen in the Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination. It probably will not happen but it should.                 *Top

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