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-A Feminist Perspective: ‘It Should be Illegal to Be a Stay-At-Home Mom’

by Dr. D ~ March 24th, 2017


An Australian columnist claims that it would be better for the feminist cause and for the economy if all women were forced to have a career and if it was illegal to be a stay-at-home mom. Here ‘s the story from The Blaze:

Australian columnist Sarrah Le Marquand argued that choosing to be a stay-at-home mother should be “illegal” in an op-ed published this week in The Daily Telegraph newspaper.

According to Bloomberg, the Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said in a recent report that there are consequences for the Australian economy because many women of child-bearing age are choosing to stay at home with their children or work part-time. …

She (Le Marquand) acknowledged that “the role played by parents in the early months and years following the birth of a child is vital and irreplaceable.”

But once a child goes to school, she argued, opting out of the workforce should no longer be an option.

     “Only when it becomes the norm for all families to have both parents in paid employment, and sharing the stress of the work-home juggle, will we finally have a serious conversation about how to achieve a more balanced modern workplace,” she said.

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Response: I thought it was a progressive feminist dictum that women should be free to choose? According to this writer all women should be forced to comply all in the cause of feminism and equality.

For ever experts have held that it was better for the children to be raised by a full-time mother, particularly in their younger years. But now this is looked upon by some progressives like Le Marquand as standing in the way of equality for women.

Also it is no surprise that it is supported by this feminist writer that the children should be surrendered to the schools. Many progressives believe that the state run schools should over-ride the rights and influence of parents and this is one way to accomplish it. Disengage the mothers by keeping them busy on a job and too tired afterward to be as effective as they should be in the lives of their children.

We now live in a time when gender roles are being confused and overthrown in many ways. Choices even against ones biology is now supposed to be accepted but if a woman wants to stay home and raise her children in a Christian environment that is a choice that many, including the Australian writer, would like to see outlawed.

Many women work because they have to and others because they want to. Regardless it should always be a choice and staying at home to raise their children should always be a respectable option.                *Top

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