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-On Religious Freedom: Hypocritical College Culture?

by Dr. D ~ March 14th, 2017

According to the college students in the video above, business folks should have a right to turn down providing services and products which may conflict with their political views, Muslims also should have the freedom to choose, but Christians not so much? From Faithwire:

A conservative law firm recently sent an interviewer to the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus to speak with students about their views on business owners’ freedom to opt out of providing services based on their worldview — and the results were fascinating.

The interviewer started out by asking a number of people whether fashion designers should have the right to refuse to work with First Lady Melania Trump, as some have opted to do, to which they answered affirmatively. …

From there, the conversation turned to the rights of a Muslim singer to refuse performing at a Christian church. … with responses ranging from “I guess so” to definitive “yeses.”

But the interview subjects changed their tune — or at the least seemed stumped — when the scenario turned to a Christian photographer who did not wish to participate in a gay wedding.

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Response: This really does follow the current PC liberal/progressive cultural dictum in America. This was done at only one university but I believe that it does reflect the current cultural environment and PC thought on colleges campuses all across the country:

Businesses should have a right to choose whether or not they sell Trump’s clothing, and obviously Muslims should not be forced to do or handle anything that is opposed to their religion. But conservative Christians who do not want to be involved in anything that is contrary to their religious beliefs are now considered nothing less than bigots and discriminators and the Constitutional defined religious liberties should not apply to such.

That is the new progressive perspective taught in our schools and these students are just regurgitating what they are constantly hearing on campus and in classrooms. So ideological freedom is sacrosanct and religious freedom applies to American Muslims but not so much to evangelical and conservative Christians.                 *Top

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