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-The Satanic Temple: Atheists in Goat’s Clothing

by Dr. D ~ February 28th, 2017


             (Image: Wikipedia)

The Satanic Temple is a growing organization with charter groups in a number of major cities across America. It styles itself as a ‘religious’ movement but is nothing of the sort unless you consider atheism a religion and it should not be confused with other groups which actually worship Satan.

In reality this is nothing more than an atheist activist group which does not even believe in the reality of the Devil but uses the symbols of Satan and the trappings of religion to oppose Christians, Christian beliefs, Christian organizations, and the American church in any way possible.

We recently wrote an article about ‘After School Satan Groups’ being established in public schools around the country. This is the atheist organization behind that movement.

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2 Responses to -The Satanic Temple: Atheists in Goat’s Clothing

  1. Brian

    Here is an article containing an interview with the founders of the Satanic Temple, who discuss their agenda (and lack of belief in Satan) in full:


  2. -Minnesota: Town Approves Monument to Satan? | ANSWERS For The Faith

    […] Actually the ‘group of Satanists’ are really atheists trying to prove a point and further their cause of removing all vestiges of Christianity and […]

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