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-Federal Judge: Ban on Women Going Topless in Public is Unconstitutional

by Dr. D ~ February 23rd, 2017

A federal judge has declared that a ban on Women going topless in public is ‘unconstitutional.’ Here’s the story from Fox News Denver:

A federal judge has ordered the city of Fort Collins (CO) to stop enforcing a policy that bans women from showing their breasts in public.

It started with one woman asking, "If men can go topless, why can’t women?"

"It’s sexist because it specifically discriminates against female breasts," Brittiany Hoagland said in 2015.

Hoagland, Samantha Six and a group called Free the Nipple — Fort Collins made headlines across the country when they protested on the corner of College Avenue and Mulberry Street with nothing but "opaque dressings" covering their nipples.

The Fort Collins City Council asked for public input but ended up voting to keep the topless ban for women in place.

But the council added two exceptions: Breastfeeding mothers and girls younger than 10 years old.

After the decision, Hoagland, Six and Free the Nipple — Fort Collins filed a civil lawsuit against the city, claiming the policy violates the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

On Wednesday, Federal Judge R. Brooke Jackson ordered an injunction preventing police and the city from enforcing the ban.

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Response: I would imagine that the original writers of the Constitution might be surprised that their document mandates a right for women to go topless in public? What is next? Will businesses be forced to allow topless and shirtless folks into their stores and restaurants?

This is another case where the actual biological differences in the sexes are ignored and scientifically based genders are being overridden by a progressive agenda. This is nonsense and hopefully it will be appealed. Public order, human decency, and common sense no longer seem to matter in our PC driven secular culture.

View the video above to get a taste of the thinking of the activists that brought this case into court and hope to do the same all across America. Rather pathetic. So is topless nudity for women the next big ‘progressive’ cause?              *Top

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1 Response to -Federal Judge: Ban on Women Going Topless in Public is Unconstitutional

  1. Brian

    The key to understanding what is happening is that the federal courts only serious consider the right of the actor/activist, and not the rights of the bystander.

    Thus, the courts focus on the rights of a group of radical feminists who want to go topless in public, and do not consider the rights of (for example) the parents of a 6, 8, or 10 year old child who might prefer that the child not view toplessness.

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