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-Majority of Americans Favor Limiting Religious Freedom of Business Owners

by Dr. D ~ February 13th, 2017


The majority of Americans are now in favor of limiting Religious freedom. 61% say that they oppose allowing businesses refuse service for religious reasons. This would include Christian owned bakers, caterers, florists, and printers who do not want to be involved in same sex marriages or LGBT events. Here’s the data from PRRI Research:

New PRRI analysis, drawn from a data set of 40,509 interviews conducted throughout 2016 as part of PRRI’s American Values Atlas, reveals that most American religious groups support same-sex marriage and oppose religiously based service refusals. …

There is near consensus among religious groups on the issue of religiously based service refusals. Roughly six in ten (61 percent) Americans oppose allowing a small business owner in their state to refuse to provide products or services to gay or lesbian people, if doing so violates their religious beliefs.

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Response: Interesting research. It shows that conservative Christians have really lost the PR cultural battle even among many fellow Christians. This really indicates that changing the historical interpretation of freedom of religion will probably continue unabated even with a new administration. Though there has been some consideration by President Trump to weigh in on this issue.

Christian business owners have already lost many of the legal battles  but there was always a hope that public opinion supporting religious freedom would eventually turn this around. However, if a large majority opposes religious freedom for business owners then there is little hope for a changing it back. Particularly if this research is to be believed and so many Christian groups also oppose it.

What is left for the Christian business owner? Must Christians supplying services to marriage and public events bow to the new cultural LGBT standards regardless of religious convictions? It does appear to be the case. The First Amendment was suppose to protect religious practice but now judges and civil administrators are limiting its application. The future of Religious freedom in America is being challenged. Hopefully the new administration will do something about.                  *Top

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1 Response to -Majority of Americans Favor Limiting Religious Freedom of Business Owners

  1. Brian

    There was one important question that was NOT asked in the study. I am cynical enough to think that the liberal/secular left does not want to ask this question, and to deliberately blur some lines —

    The survey only asked “should person be allowed to deny services to a gay couple”. That is a broad question and a respondent could (quite reasonably) think about a gay couple trying to buy two burgers at the drive-though to the local fast food joint.

    What the survey did not ask was “should a a person, based on religious beliefs, be allowed to refuse to participate in an LGBT wedding?” This question was not asked and (I submit) was deliberately not asked.

    It is not just this survey but the secular elites in general who have been deliberately couching the debate in terms of providing (any) goods or services to LGBT couples. By framing the debate (and by framing the question on a survey), you can shift public attitudes significantly. This is being done very effectively by the secular elites on this issue. The number one priority to fighting for religious rights in this context should be to make sure that Americans understand that the Evangelical community does not want to discriminate in the abstract against LGBT people but wants to avoid engaging the LGBT community in areas which would compromise our religious beliefs, such as participation in LGBT weddings, even indirectly, and the operation of church-affiliated schools and colleges.

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