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-Boy Scouts: Transgender Children Now Allowed

by Dr. D ~ January 30th, 2017


Earlier this month, a Cub Scout Pack kicked a transgender girl out of their program for not being a biological boy, causing quite a controversy in the media. Now the parent Boy Scout organization has officially announced that transgender children are welcome in all of their programs. Here’s the story from Fox News:

The Boy Scouts of America announced Monday that it will allow transgender children who identify as boys to enroll in its boys only programs.

The organization announced it had made the decision to begin basing enrollment in its boys-only programs on the gender a child or parent lists on the application to become a scout. The organization had previously held a policy that relied on the gender listed on a child’s birth certificate for those programs.  …

Rebecca Rausch, a spokeswoman for the organization…said the enrollment decision goes into effect immediately.

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Response: The Scouts responded to the onslaught of the media by quickly caving in. They obviously did not think this through and consider all of the consequences and downsides to this new policy. The fact that this new policy goes into effect immediately means that those who might have opposed this change were not given a chance to register their opinions and misgivings. As a result, controversy will be the new organizational norm as this change is put into effect.

First of all, hundreds of conservative churches that sponsor Cub packs and Scout troops will be considering how they’ll respond to this change. Undoubtedly many will want a ruling on whether this new policy is optional or mandatory.

Then thousands of parents will be asking their local leaders pointed questions about how they plan to handle certain compromising circumstances and depending on the answers you can bet that many will be pulling their boys out of the organization. For sure, alternative Christian organizations like Trail Life will soon see an increase in their numbers.                *Top

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2 Responses to -Boy Scouts: Transgender Children Now Allowed

  1. Brian

    Dr. D. published a piece several weeks ago on a “transgendered” biological girl who was trying to join the Cub Scouts. I responded with a private comment to Dr. D and a public comment to the board. I will now combine both into an expanded response.

    I was in Cub Scouts and then Webelos back in the 1960’s from age 8 to 10 (I dropped out after Webelos).

    My cub scout den of about 12-15 boys went to the local YMCA on 4-5 occasions and went swimming. On each occasion, the boys changed in a communal dressing room. The Y required showers before swimming, and all the boys took showers before swimming (yes, it was a communal shower facility). My parents had no qualms about me changing/showering with the other boys – in fact my father talked to me before the first visit to the Y about the fact that it was “ok” to shower/change with the other boys – but they would have blown a gasket if a girl had been involved. I suspect that the other parents would have felt the same way.

    So, what would the girl do? Wear a boy’s swim suit? Change in the dressing room with the boys? Shower with the boys?

    Then, each summer, the cub scouts went to camp. Because we were only 8-9 years old, we just spent a couple of nights at a cabin camp. All the boys slept in the same cabin. There was swimming in the camp’s lake. There was a communal rest room (separate toilet stalls, and urinals) and communal showers again. Again, I ask, what would the girl have done? Sleep in the same cabin with the boys? Use the same restroom/showers? Again, I think the parents of the den would have blown a gasket over this.

    So what would have happened if a ‘transgendered’ girl had joined the cub scout unit? We probably would not have been able to go swimming at all. We might not have even been able to go to camp. There is a good chance that the parents would have transferred their sons to other dens, leaving the girl alone.

    The problems would just get worse with the older boys in Boy Scouts. They have wilderness camping trips, where one might use a latrine, and stay at camp a lot longer. Would a chaperone be needed for a wilderness camping trip with a Boy Scout who is not really a boy? What happens when a “boy” scout shows up pregnant after a camping trip?

    The problems that the scouts will face will be much the same as the problems schools face – only raised to the 10th power. I anticipate that any girl joining the scouts will find the boys in her troop/den/patrol fleeing and joining other troops – leaving her all alone. if the girl stays in a troop/den/patrol, I suspect that they will have their activities curtailed by her presence, and the fundamental nature of scouting will be changed.

    By the way, one of the problems the Boy Scouts have had for years has been potential liability for misconduct by an adult leader with a boy. There have been numerous lawsuits. Lawsuits typically sue the alleged wrongdoer for his intentional misconduct, plus sue other scout leaders in the troop for negligence in failing to detect/prevent a problem (and negligence is covered by insurance! The plaintiff’s lawyers really are not after the child molesting scout leader -they are after the other leaders for their insurance money). Adding or allowing avowed homosexual scout leaders exacerbates this problem- whether the homosexual leader really did anything wrong or not, it makes it easier to sue the other leaders for negligence in failing to stop/prevent the problem. Adding girls to the mix makes the problem even worse. I see litigation on the horizon.

  2. Dr. D

    Thanks Brian for your perspective. No only are lawsuits in their future but already church leaders are beginning to respond negatively to this change. The greatest point you made was this: “the fundamental nature of scouting will be changed.”

    From the beginning the Scouts was all about teaching Godly ethics and morality along with encouraging growth into manhood, leadership, and responsibility. Now it is going to be about denying the reality of biological differences, along with traditional gender roles and identity.

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