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-Transgender ‘Man’ Decides to Get Pregnant?

by Dr. D ~ January 20th, 2017


A transgender ‘man’ in the UK has decided to get pregnant and have a child before she/he has her/his sex change operation. Here’s the story from Charisma:

A woman who has been living as a man has become the first ‘transgender’ individual in the UK to become pregnant.

The 20-year-old woman, who refers to herself as "Hayden Cross," has been taking male hormones but decided to postpone surgery so she could give birth to a child.

After finding a sperm donor through a Facebook group, she is now pregnant.

The woman, from Gloucester, was taking hormones and plans to eventually have her breasts and ovaries removed. The National Health Services (NHS) are funding the process at the cost of around £29,000.

.She said she then decided to postpone surgery so she could have a child before her ovaries were removed.

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Response: Wow, this is really confusing. If it is for me how much more would it be for the child. It is hard enough for a child to be raised by a single parent but would this parent be the mother or father? The fact that the state is paying for the artificial insemination, the pregnancy, and the sex change operation is just crazy.

Just because something can be done doesn’t mean it should. It should be common sense that if the woman wants to be a mother then that should override her plans for becoming a man. What does she really want to be -mother or a man? She should be forced to choose. The state should not support and pay for such nonsense and confusion.                 *Top

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2 Responses to -Transgender ‘Man’ Decides to Get Pregnant?

  1. Brian

    At current exchange rates, the British taxpayers are funding this to the tune of about $36,000. (for the sex change — no telling how much for the sex change + the artificial insemination + the birth). Multiply by several thousand such people in Great Britain. This is the cost to the British taxpayer.

    Now, multiply again by six (the US population is about six times the size of the British population) and multiply the cost by some factor (medical procedures are more expensive in the US than in Great Britain). This is the cost that liberal elites want to impose upon the American people, including a large percentage of the American public who find such activities to be immoral and sinful.

    Don’t doubt that this process of imposing costs on taxpayers is not intentional. The secular left is keenly aware of the moral burden that they are imposing upon devout Christians by compelling them to pay for sex change operations, abortions, contraception, etc. And the secular left is doing so gleefully.

  2. Dr. D

    this is already happening in California. Inmates in state prisons can request sex change operations paid for by the state. The cost is over $50,000. Our daughter in law is a nurse working in the system. Some male lifers hope that it will be easier for them in a women’s prison. Incredible but true. Then the one party political system in the state wonders how they can decrease the deficit.

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