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-Assisted Suicide: Majority of Americans vs. Evangelical Christians

by Dr. D ~ December 9th, 2016


Assisted suicide is the next big issue where the beliefs of conservative Christians are in the process of being challenged by the new morality of the dominant American culture.

According to Lifeway Research, 67% see physician assisted death for persons with terminal illnesses as ‘morally acceptable.’  Meanwhile, a large majority (62%) of evangelical Christians disagree. Here’s the story from Lifeway Research:

Two-thirds say it is morally acceptable for terminally ill patients to ask their doctors for help in ending their lives, according to a new survey from Nashville-based LifeWay Research. A similar number says doctors should be able to help terminally ill patients die.  …

Today six states allow physician-assisted suicide. The latest is Colorado, where voters approved Proposition 106, which allows a terminally ill patient to request a fatal dose of sleeping medication, by a two-to-one margin in November. Washington, California, Vermont, and Montana also allow physician-assisted suicide. The city council in the District of Columbia recently approved a measure allowing the practice—a decision that must be reviewed by Congress.  …

“Traditional Christian teaching says God holds the keys to life and death,” says McConnell. “Those who go to church or hold more traditional beliefs are less likely to see assisted suicide as morally acceptable. Still, a surprising number do.”

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Response: What is really surprising to me is the number of Christians (52%) who see it as ‘morally acceptable.’ Even more shocking is the number of Catholics (70%) which support it in dissent to the official teaching of their own church.

Reportedly, there is legislation supporting physician assisted suicide being drawn up in nearly every state. With the current number of Americans supporting it this would seem to be the next big issue where the dominant American culture decides to go against traditional Christian beliefs.

There are only 6 states right now which have legalized assisted suicide but the trend is obviously going in its favor. Remember that only 1 state allowed same-sex marriage in 2003. The future right now seems to favor its acceptance in most states within a few short years.

Nobody seems to want to take the potential ‘slippery slope’ downside serious right now. There are all sorts of assisted suicide abuses going on in Europe where it’s become an excuse for euthanasia. In some cases physically healthy folks have taken advantage of it while in other cases some severely disabled have been legally executed without their consent.                 *Top

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1 Response to -Assisted Suicide: Majority of Americans vs. Evangelical Christians

  1. Cheryl

    I don’t see it as a “new morality”. It is “lost morality” to legalize suicide or murder. And that is what is happening with the medical tyranny and the Great Reset written about by Klaus Schwab.

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