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-TV Couple is ‘Guilty’ of Discrimination Because They Attend an Evangelical Church?

by Dr. D ~ November 30th, 2016


A liberal news website is going after a popular TV couple because they attend an evangelical church and therefore are deemed to be guilty of bigotry and discrimination.

BuzzFeed claims in an article that HGTV’s popular ‘fixer upper’ couple Chip and Joannes Gaines are guilty of discrimination and oppose same-sex marriage along with LGBT civil rights. The evidence doesn’t come from anything the couple ever said or even implied. It is based upon the fact that they are conservative Christians that attend an evangelical church where the pastor taught from the Bible and supported traditional marriage. From Hot Air:

They’re Christians; their church considers homosexuality sinful, which is down-the-line Christianity. The story runs on and on, marveling at that, for 18 paragraphs.

In a single paragraph tucked away in the middle of the piece, author Kate Aurthur mentions almost offhandedly that no gay couples have appeared on “Fixer Upper” even though the show involves the Gaineses renovating a different married couple’s home every week. That’s the angle Smith is grasping at now to try to justify publishing the story: Have the Gaineses barred gays from their show due to their Christian convictions?

There’s no evidence that they have. There’s no evidence that they even agree with their pastor about homosexuality.

<Read the whole article>

Here’s a link to another article about this case on the Christian Post.

Response: So 285 million evangelical Christians (world-wide) are guilty of discrimination and bigotry since they are associated with Bible believing churches? Regardless of what they might have actually said or done? That is  the approach of BuzzFeed in their attack. The only ‘evidence’ against the Gaines is the fact they they are Christians which attend a conservative evangelical church. Is this where we are headed in America?

This is not the first time Christians involved in TV have been questioned over their closely held Christian beliefs. In 2014 the Benham brothers show on HGTV was cancelled when it came out that they were conservative Christians that supported traditional marriage. In that case Jason and David Benham lost their TV program even though their beliefs were never actually shared on their program. 

Who is really being discriminated against in these two cases?

There is no evidence that the Gaineses or the Benham brothers ever mistreated or actually discriminated against anyone at all. The real bigotry and discrimination was waged against the Benham brothers and the Gaineses for being Bible believing Christians.                 *Top

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