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-Oregon: Official Who Bullied Christian Bakers Loses Election

by Dr. D ~ November 18th, 2016


Here’s one of the better stories to come out of the recent election and it happened in ‘liberal’ Oregon. From Charisma News:

An Oregon bureaucrat who waged political jihad against the owners of a Christian bakery was given the heave-ho by voters.

Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian was defeated in his bid to be secretary of state by Republican Dennis Richardson.

It’s the first time a Republican has been elected to a statewide office in Oregon since 2002.

So consider this—Avakian was too liberal for what is arguably one of the most liberal states in the country.

Avakian, a passionate advocate for the LGBTQIA crowd, was thrust into the national spotlight when he declared war on a Christian bakery in 2013.

Aaron and Melissa Klein, the owners of Sweet Cakes By Melissa, declined to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple’s ceremony. The Kleins, who are devout Christians, explained that participating in a same-sex wedding would violate their deeply held religious beliefs.

Avakian launched a very public and very ugly assault on the Klein family—alleging they had discriminated against the lesbian couple. …

The Kleins were eventually ordered to pay $135,000 in "emotional damages" to the lesbians. They were also forced to shutter their retail location and eventually shut down their family bakery.  …

Voters saw Avakian for who he really was—an anti-Christian bully with no regard for the U.S. Constitution. Nobody likes a bully…

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Response: We can never know why the voters turned Avakian away for sure but there are lots of Christians in Oregon and the Sweet Cakes Bakery case made many of them angry. It is really not a stretch to think that the case probably led to Avakian’s downfall since a Republican has not been elected to a state wide office in 14 years. Here’s a link to our article on the Sweet Cakes Bakery case.

We are hoping that the recent election is a turning point for religious liberty in America. We will write about that in another article.                    *Top

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