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-Franklin Graham: The ‘God-Factor’ in Trump’s Win

by Dr. D ~ November 11th, 2016


Franklin Graham, who did not officially endorse either candidate, is convinced that there was a ‘God-factor’ that affected the outcome of the recent presidential election. He cites the fact that millions of Christians were praying over this election and that contributed to the unprecedented results that the polls did not see coming. From the Washington Post:

Evangelist Franklin Graham said that prayer — and God’s answer to it — helped Donald Trump and Mike Pence pull off “the biggest political upset of our lifetime.”…

“In watching the news after the election, the secular media kept asking ‘How did this happen?’ ‘What went wrong?’ ‘How did we miss this?’ Some are in shock. Political pundits are stunned. Many thought the Trump/Pence ticket didn’t have a chance. None of them understand the God-factor.” …

“Hundreds of thousands of Christians from across the United States have been praying…Then Christians went to the polls, and God showed up. While the media scratches their heads and tries to understand how this happened, I believe that God’s hand intervened Tuesday night to stop the godless, atheistic progressive agenda from taking control of our country.”

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Response: I voted in a place that use to be a church (see picture above) and in a room that use to be a sanctuary where a major revival happened over 20 years ago. It was now a community center (Smithton MO) but I felt the presence of God in that place and left with a new hope regardless of the outcome and with a tear in my eyes.

I didn’t bother tuning in to see the election results until 11pm. I wanted to put off as long as I could seeing the arrogant media celebrating over Hillary’s election.  What a surprise, I saw long faces and major media heads trying to figure out what was happening. Then the name calling started- those horrible ignorant bigoted folks in the South and the fly over country did the unconscionable and pulled off the impossible.

What the media and the political professionals did not understand was the fact that most evangelical Christians were praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit when they went to the polls to vote. Christians were facing a very difficult choice between two very flawed/immoral front runners and 3rd party candidates who really didn’t have a chance.

What do you do when you really don’t like either major candidate? You get on your knees. The majority of evangelical voters ended up voting for Trump even though they did not like him and some of the things he stood for. So the impossible and improbable happened. Praise God. Now the future of America is changed.               *Top

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