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-Canadian Court: Christian School Can’t Be Denied Accreditation Over Biblical Stance on Homosexuality

by Dr. D ~ November 8th, 2016


We have been following this story for some time. Trinity Western University’s law school was denied accreditation because of their stance on homosexuality. Finally a appeals court has ruled in the school’s favor. Here’s the story from the Christian Post:

A five-judge panel from the British Columbia Court of Appeal ruled Tuesday that denying Trinity Western University’s law school accreditation was a religious liberty violation.

In a unanimous decision, the five judges concluded that the Law Society of British Columbia was "unreasonable" in denying accreditation to TWU for its position against homosexuality.

"In our view, the detrimental impact of the Law Society decision on TWU’s right to religious freedom is severe. The legal education of TWU graduates would not be recognized by the Law Society and they could not apply to practise law in this province. TWU’s religious freedom rights as an institution are also significantly impacted by the decision,"  …

<Read the whole article>

Response: This is an important issue. Without accreditation the law school will not survive. What is at stake is whether Christian schools with Biblical views can continue to even exist in British Columbia, Canada. This court says yes and stands up for religious liberty. We will continue to follow this story.

Challenges to the accreditation of Christian schools in America that hold Biblical views are already happening. Also a scary recent California law targets Christian schools with Biblical views in that state. That law reminds me of the yellow labels that Jewish folk were forced to wear in Germany before WWII. Just saying.                 *Top

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