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-Federal Court: Iowa Churches Protected From Intrusive State ‘Transgender’ Law

by Dr. D ~ November 3rd, 2016


In July The Civil Rights Commission in Iowa declared that churches must comply with the state’s transgender bathroom laws regardless of the first amendment since they were ‘open to the public’ for worship services. Later, they backed away from that when a lawsuit followed. Now a Federal Court has ruled that churches in Iowa do not need to comply the intrusive ‘public’ law. Here’s the story from Family Policy Alliance:

A federal district court has ruled that churches in Iowa are not “public accommodations.” That means they are not subject to government control.  …

     “The government cannot legally censor pastors or coerce churches to use their  facilities in a way that violates their religious beliefs,”

said Steve O’Ban, Alliance Defending Freedom attorney.

     “The Iowa commission’s guidance was vague and empowered government bureaucrats far beyond what the Constitution allows. …”  …

The Iowa Civil Rights Act bans places of “public accommodation” from expressing a view on sexuality. Church leaders worried that it could have been used to violate freedom of speech on topics of sexuality and would leave the Civil Rights Commission in charge of deeming what was “bona fide” religious speech.

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Response: Hopefully this ruling will discourage other states from trying to force churches to comply to some kind of a ‘transgender bathroom’ policy.

In this case, the Iowa act went way beyond just bathrooms and transgender accommodation but demanded the use of ‘proper’ references and outlawed any ‘discriminatory speech’ which might have included Biblical teaching on sexuality.

LGBT activists are trying to find ways to override and even outlaw the public declaration of traditional Christian teachings on sexuality. They tried for the whole enchilada in the Iowa. Fortunately a federal judge ruled against this Constitutional overreach. This same battle could well be played out in every single state like same-sex marriage was. They eventually won that battle in the courts so this is far from over but we will take savor this victory.               *Top

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