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-Christian Fundamentalists: Racists and More Dangerous Than Islamic Terrorists?

by Dr. D ~ October 26th, 2016


For nearly a generation ‘fundamentalist’ has been a generic slur word applied by the left to nearly every conservative religious group that opposed their agenda including evangelical Christians. Now according to a ‘scholar,’ if folks continue to believe in a traditional interpretation and understanding of the Bible, they are racist ignorant Southerners who foster ‘a climate of hate’ and are even more dangerous than Islamic terrorists? Here’s the story from the Chicago Maroon:

For Catherine M. Wallace, faculty member at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine  and author of the recently concluded book series Christian Humanism and the Moral Imagination, the Christian fundamentalist movement in the United States is more dangerous than Islamic terrorism. Wallace, a Christian herself, believes fundamentalist access to United States armaments is the number one threat to state security.  …

As a historian and Christian humanist, Wallace wanted to examine fundamentalism’s strongest arguments and find its weaknesses. She looked at how fundamentalist Christianity first sprung up in the Southern United States. “The religious right in its most contemporary form has an origin in Southern opposition to desegregation and to the Civil Rights Movement…a transparently racist appeal,” Wallace said.  …

In her opinion, their literalist reading creates misconceptions of what the Bible means, fostering a climate of hate and leading to increased and unnecessary conflict between Christians and the rest of the world.

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Response: Christian ‘fundamentalist’ is a merely a liberal code word for all conservative believers in the Bible including evangelicals. My response is this: show me the proof. Where and when have any actual actions of any evangelical or conservative Christians demonstrated that they are dangerous, as dangerous, or even more so than Islamic terrorist who have killed and injured thousands? This is madness and complete propaganda.

I don’t even know where to begin with such ignorant bigotry being passed off as scholarship. The roots of Christian ‘fundamentalism’ actually originated at Princeton University ( New Jersey/New England not in the South) in the late 19th century and early 20th. ‘The Fundamentalswhich provided the theological basis for Christian fundamentalism was printed by the Bible Institute of Los Angeles (also not in the South unless you count Southern California) in 1915 involving 64 Christian scholars from all over the country (Most from New England and the east) and from nearly every denomination.

Another point. The largest black Christian denominations in America are also theologically evangelical and would qualify as ‘fundamentalist’ in regard to their understanding of the Bible. Are these denominations also racist?

This is just the beginning. Look for more ‘scholars’ to come up with studies to prove that conservative Christians are so ‘radical’ and bad for America that they really do not deserve to have religious liberty and need government oversight. This will become a major theme if Hillary is elected as president. She has already stated that conservative Christians must be forced to change their beliefs.               *Top

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4 Responses to -Christian Fundamentalists: Racists and More Dangerous Than Islamic Terrorists?

  1. Brian

    I dissent from Ms Wallace’ historical view (which I admit is the view of 99.9% of all scholars, mainstream Christians, and of the popular media). American Christian Fundamentalism did not arise in the last 19th and early 20th Century. Instead, in that same time frame, the more liberal denominations began to embrace new theological ideas. Christian fundamentalists “appeared” because they did not evolve in the way some more liberal denominations did. Over a period of perhaps 50 years, the group that we would now call Evangelicals (or Fundamentalists became much more sharply differentiated from Mainline Protestants. The modern Evangelical (or “fundamentalist”) movement is not too different from the theological positions held in 1875 by their denominational ancestors, but there is a broad gulf between the theology of the most liberal denominations in the USA in 2016 and the positions that their denominational ancestors would have held in 1875 or so.

  2. Dr. D

    Brian, this is a subject that I have put in a great deal of effort to study and understand. The fact is the evangelicals and fundamentalists continue to represent the historical Christian views of the Bible and it is the liberal scholars, ministers, and denominations which have left the historical faith and beliefs behind.

    So in reality it was the liberal movement that actually rose up and had its origins in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. What is historically called the ‘beginning’ of fundamentalism is actually the reaction of the more conservative scholars to that defection from the faith originally given by the apostles to the saints.

  3. Dr. D

    Brian, What this so-called ‘historical’ scholar- Catherine M. Wallace- is saying is far more dangerous and ahistorical than what you dissent from.

    She is saying that the current fundamentalist and evangelical movement had its origin among racist ‘Southerners’ who opposed desegregation and the civil rights movement.

    In reality, she is framing an historical reason, and ‘civil rights’ imperative for government opposition and intrusion.

  4. Brian

    Good point, Dr. D!!

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