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-Controversy: Evangelical Ministry Declares Employees Must Hold Evangelical Beliefs?

by Dr. D ~ October 10th, 2016


A huge controversy has risen after an evangelical campus ministry has declared that all of its employees adhere to a traditional evangelical/Biblical understanding of marriage. Here’s the story from Christianity Today:

InterVarsity is an Evangelical Christian organization, and people who work at InterVarsity are, not surprisingly, expected to hold evangelical beliefs.  …

But why is it news that Evangelicals think their ministry staff should hold mainstream Evangelical beliefs?

It’s because there is a new orthodoxy, and the old one just won’t do for many. The new orthodoxy says that you have to bend your beliefs to fit it.

But InterVarsity has a different view—the mainsteam evangelical view. And, such views do cost you today. And, ultimately, every organization with the beliefs of old orthodoxy will face a moment like this.

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Response: So the media and folks on the Internet are all over Intervarsity, an evangelical ministry, for declaring that all their employees should hold to a traditional evangelical view of marriage? How shameful! But is it really surprising when Catholic groups support Catholicism or Mormon groups Mormonism? Should LGBT activists be expected support views that are the antithesis of what they stand for?

What Intervarsity has declared is no change of policy at all it for that organization which has always stood for Biblical teaching. It is the American society which has changed and chosen ‘a new orthodoxy’ that contradicts the Bible. Since the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage the law of the land it is now necessary for every Christian organization and church to make it clear where they where they stand in regard to ‘new normal’ and ‘new LGBT orthodoxy.’

Two years ago I wrote that every Christian organization and church in America would be forced to declare where they stand on homosexuality and same-sex marriage. This week it was Intervarsity’s turn.                *Top

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