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-Pew: 67% Support Birth Control Coverage Regardless of Religious Objections

by Dr. D ~ October 5th, 2016


According to a recent Pew study, 67% of American agree with the Obama administration’s HHS Contraceptive Mandate that employers should provide insurance coverage for birth control regardless of religious objections.


<Here’s a link to this study on the Pew Research site>

Response: Obviously religious freedom and liberty is considered by most Americans to be less important than the access to ‘free’ birth control. This does not look good for the future in spite of several wins in the courts.

One wonders what the response might be if the Pew researchers framed a question that singled out abortifacients and separated them from other forms of contraception. The greatest number of employer religious objections come when abortion inducing pills are included in the birth control mix.               *Top

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